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Sea trout fly fishing at Las Buitreras Lodge in Argentina

Rio Gallegos Argentina

Las Buitreras Lodge Report Argentina

The Definition Of “Solitude without Loneliness”

Mel Krieger’s quote is not only an ode to his beloved fly fishing haven Argentina, it’s spot on the feeling that unites anglers from all over the globe to chase elusive sea trout monsters in South Argentina’s watersheds – year after year. After more than ten years operating various camps from north to south Argentina, the arrival of the first chrome bright fish still gives us the chills. To be perfectly honest, even when we are out scouting new destinations to keep up the high level of pristine and unique fisheries all over the planet, there are just a very few topics left to talk when we are sitting around the fireplace after a long day of walking the flats of GTX and the fast pace that the GT, Bonefish & Co. are dictating there… “Seatrouting” Seemingly never ending amounts of water are touching endless skies in a far far away horizon, there’s only a river, an angler, sea trout and nothing but desert. The cosy lodge, the fantastic asado served with a fine selection of local vino tintos and all the good fellas in waders are equally unimportant for a second…

Las Buitreras is a lodge for fishermen. Per session one will have more pools than one could possibly fish in time. This is far away from crowded beats, heavily pressured fish and tight rotations with no time to rest the water in between. 52 named and just as many unnamed pools divided by 8 to maximal 10 rods equals a hell lot of fishable water. By taking the pressure of the water, we ensure that each and every angler at our watershed gets to fish “hot” water all the time. What’s the best holding pool worth if it’s fished 24/7? Indulge the freedom of choice to fish practically wherever you wish for.

It’s time to get excited, because the season will start in about two months. And while we are counting down the second the ring the bell for another epic of chrome dreams coming true, monster fish being lost in space and simply having a good time with one of the best staffs the fly fishing business has to offer, we can still offer a limited amount of rods to likeminded anglers. Just like Gallegos-first-timer Joshua, who travelled all the way from Australia to get his very first sea trout on a fly, we still just as blown away by the fishing:

Joshua /Australia 2012: “Rio Gallegos – In a word: Heaven! Good water levels, stable weather (even warm) and a fresh run of fish saw us time our trip perfectly. That said, this is challenging fishing and sea run trout are notoriously unpredictable…just when you think you have cracked the code, the next day is like fishing an entirely new river. Nervous about double handed rods (none of us have used them before), the amazing guides had us casting them and catching fish within a morning. Others successfully managed single handed rods but a double is definitely an advantage. The tri-nations team caught over 30 silver chromed beauties, with 80+ fish landed (and released) by 8 anglers during the week. Plus many pretty resident brown trout as welcome by-catch. Biggest fish 23lb with two others over 20lb and numerous well in excess of 10lb. These are the best looking fish ever and they fight like hell!”

Hope to see you at the lodge soon with us.

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a pair of cracking sea trout from our argentina fly fishing destinations
customers playing big sea trout on the fly rod at our sea trout destinations in argentina
close up of a sea trouts head, stunning fish in argentina
customers casting a fly rod for sea trout in argentina
stunning sun set picture of customers fly fishing for sea trout in argentina
sea trout fly fishing in argentina
April Vokley playing a jumping sea trout with sportquest holidays in argentina
customers enjoying a meal and wine at our lodge in argentina
las buitreras lodge in argentina home of the sea trout fly fishing in argentina
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