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Sri Lanka Fishing Report

Rod Smashing GT’s Sri Lanka Report

Rod Smashing GT’s Sri Lanka Report and we just love reports from our guides in Sri Lanka. The GT fishing there is the finest the world has to offer and when they get a group of guys who have been before, they just love to beat their previous PB’s. This group in particular are after something very big and the guides didn’t let them down. As you will be able to read below and from the pictures they took, it looks like they did it for every one:

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

For the first time we had a group of anglers who had fished for GT before but all of them were after a bigger fish than they had caught before and wanted to see if they could better their personal best catches till date. There had been a lot of to and fro emails on the tackle list and what was working the best, but at the end of the day it comes down to you and your luck at the moment you need it most.

On day 1 there was a slight South westerly wind which I do not really like and the drifts were not the usual way so we needed to improvise however a few drifts into the first session and Nick is into a decent fish, we land it and its a PB for him at 20kg, a quick photograph and we are back to the fishing.

Wong kept catching fish through the day, he had the most GT’s it was really quite funny because he would take a break and rest and everyone else would keep and when then needed a break Mr Wong would take a cast or 2 and hook a fish, his biggest of the day was a fish close to the 30kg mark. Below he poses with one of the smaller ones.

The Next session is flat calm, with a few drifts as we wait for the current to pick up and look at the sounder to see what’s going on down below, we have a few smaller fish first then Mr Wong is into a good fish, which takes a lot of line

I tell Saikat there is fish marking and to pop like he means it, on the 3rd cast there is this huge explosion around his Craftbait GT3, I see him struggling but he manages to set the hook a few times and line is disappearing fast.

What followed next was amusing a PE10 popping rod broke at the handle, not on a big fish but on an estimated 8 kg Spanish Mack near the boat, and that is Nick out of rods for the last session of the last day, his other rod broke and eye and was unusable…what a time to go….

Jason has some bad luck with a big fish that he hooks up but breaks him off, some fish are just unstoppable here. However he is soon in another big big fish that has him gasping and he needs to put all his strength into holding on, with Nick behind him to support him in case of a line break.

Many minutes of pain later followed with some deft boat handling and the fish is under control, Jason is happy now and can manage a smile between the excitement.

And here he is all smiles as he rewrites his PB again this time with a 143 cm estimated over 50kg GT, it is also the end of the trip with some amazing memories for all anglers.

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Till our next report

Tight lines.

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