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Norway fishing report

Roger’s Excellent Havoysund Fishing Report

The Norway Fishing Report from Havoysund just keep getting better and better. We have just received another great Norway Fishing Report from 4 very luck anglers who have just returned from this camp in Norway and by the looks of the pictures and words, they all shared great results and managed to boat all their target fish in style

A perfect sized cod in Norway fishing reportCracking Cod Roger holding a big fat cod Norway fishing reportThey Just Kept Coming

I will hand you over to Rogers very kind Norway Fishing Report:

A fantastic week with fishing you normally dream about! When we arrived in Havoysund we were met by the guides and given an introduction and tour of the fishing camp, shown how to operate our boat, GPS and fish finder and encouraged to go out and get used to the boat on our first evening. This we duly did and, with the help and advice Paul Stevens at Sportquest gave us before we left, we were catching fish within 20 minutes of leaving harbour! Before we went our ambitions were modest with a 20lb cod and a halibut the target. We all caught a number of cod of 20 – 30 lb on our first evening with the largest being 32 lb. Throughout the week we caught lots of cod in the 20 – 30 lb range on both shads and perks with one or two muppets above. Perhaps our most successful shad for cod was a Savage Gear 300gm Tequila Sunrise but natural herring also did well. When fishing perks and muppets it was not unusual to catch two, or even three, 15 lb cod at the same time!


Norway fishing report of some big lovely CodWhat we came for One happy angler with his prize of a big Cod Norway fishing reportEveryones A Winner

Paul had arranged for our guided day to be the first full day we were there. This was a good move (thanks Paul) as it meant we were shown places to fish and more importantly these were logged on the GPS enabling us to go back later in the week. It was also good finding our own places as well. The boats were very stable and excellent to fish from and cruising at 20 knots or so meant you could get around very quickly

Besides catching lots of cod we also caught a 112cm long, 27 lb coal fish that put up an excellent fight. This was caught just outside the harbour. We also managed to catch a halibut and the lessons form the guides on how to deal with these once at the boat became very important as the one we got was 153cm long and weighed an estimated 50.5 kg and caught on a “Crazy Daisy” shad. This took 45 minutes to get to the boat when all the guys were needed to get it on board. Once on board the fish was measured and photographed before being released safely. Also caught were a number of wolf fish, long pliers being necessary to get these of the hook!


Very long Coalfish Norway fishing report from Havoysund112cm 27lb Coalfish Holding a halibut before tagging and release Norway fishing reportHuge Halibut

The cabins were very comfortable and overlooked the harbour so it took no time at all from leaving the cabin and getting to the boat. We had complete freedom of when and where we went. An added bonus was that a good breakfast was provided at the camp. We also took Paul’s advice and booked in an extra bag each in the form of a cold box. This was filled with food on the way out and frozen fish on the way back. This worked very well indeed. We also hired floatation suits and rods and reels from the camp. The suits were vital, being thick warm and waterproof. All of us were impressed with the rods and reels. While we were there (end of June) the temperature didn’t get above about 10C and waterproof gloves were an important item. The tackle shop at the camp carries plenty of different lures and price were not that much different than the UK. Coming from the North of England we flew from Edinburgh rather than Gatwick. This worked very well for us as Edinburgh airport is easy to get to and park at. The only downside was an 8 hour stop over at Oslo on the way back but still much better for us than the Gatwick option.


A wonderful view of Havoysund Norway fishing reportCabin and Boats The group of English Norway fishing reportComfortable Boats

In conclusion in our Norway Fishing Report, an excellent holiday at a first class fishing camp. So if you are thinking about going to Havoysund for a week stop thinking and GO! You won’t regret it

Thanks for your Norway Fishing Report Roger and look forward to helping you again next time and if you have ever wanted to go to Norway be it your first trip or a re visit then look no further than Havoysund you will not regret it…. Simply call me directly on 01603 407596 and you will one day find your self fishing this great area of Norway.

To view this Norway destination Click Here

Until next time, Tight Lines

Paul Stevens

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    Thanks Roger for your kind words and if any of you guys have not yet made your mind up on where to go in Norway then look no further

    All the best


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