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Sandbakken Norway June Fishing Report


Sandbakken Norway June Fishing Report

We have just been sent this report from four anglers who have just returned from Sandbakken fishing camp in North Norway and by the looks of all the pictures they sent us it was a great trip with loads of Halibut and some lovely sized Cod.

“Lots of Halibut landed in just 6 days fishing”

Sandbakken is a destination just 20 minutes from Bardufoss airport and fish some pretty fish packed fjords. Early in the year they get a very impressive run of huge Coalfish along with some massive Cod. Come spring and summer the Halibut make a great appearance and can be found in pretty much every bay you seem to drop a lure in to.



Hooked in to a hard fighting Halibut


The fjords around Sandbakken are full of these Coalfish


Where this camp is located offers almost weatherproof fishing conditions and is ideal if you suffer seasickness as 95% of the time the fjord is like a mirror.


The guys who sent us this report have been many times before and absolutely love it there and always comment on how good the fishing is in June. As you can see from the pictures they certainly know the good spots.

“June is awesome for Halibut at this destination”

Having landed many Halibuts the guys decided to spend some time targeting the big Cod and managed to find each day massive shoals very close to the camp. Some of the marks are literally only a couple of minutes from the camp.



A massive well done


Plenty of these around in June

Kristian and Merete are the owners of this camp and you can not ask for more from the hosts as they look after each guest like they were family, you will truly feel like you have met some friends for life.



Sandbakken is a great family destination


What a great family picture

If you would like to book up a trip to this destination in North Norway simply call me on 01603 407596 or simply Click Here to view the full tour details

To view all our sea fishing destinations in North Norway Click Here

Until next time, tight lines

Paul Stevens


  1. Wayne

    We had a great time there last year. Try fishing around the salmon farms we had loads of coalies. Say hi to Kristian and Merete

    1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

      Hi Wayne, you certainly did and if my memory serves me correct you guys had a fairly big Halibut??

      I shall say hi to them for you and any thoughts of going back to Sandbakken?

      Hopefully we will catch up soon


      1. Wayne

        Hello paul, thats right we did have a big one. You should of had the pictures let me know if you want me to send them again.

        A couple of the guys can not make it this year but should be in a place to afford the trip next year. we will get back in touch

  2. Louise

    I can back up what Wayne said above, as we have been there many times and love the place. the fishing is very good, the area is stunning and the guys who run the lodges are great people. can not wait to go back next year.

    1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

      Hello Louise good to hear from you again and not that long before you head out there. It must be the 5th time now? I will agree with you that the area is simply awesome

      Thanks for your comment

      All the best


  3. Dave

    Hi Sportquest

    Can you please forward me dates you have available for September this year for 3 people? Also a price

    Kind regards


    1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

      Hello Dave, if you email me on we can talk about dates etc on there as will be a bit easier

      Speak soon


  4. Brian Robertson

    Couldn’t agree more with these comments about Sandbakken being a fantastic location both for the experienced angler and for families.
    My sons and I have been quite a few times at the end of June beginning of July and have always had a great time, we are booked for next year but we are going end of April beginning of May.
    Would certainly recommend Sandbakken to anyone and you will be well looked after by Merete and Kristian

    1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

      Hi Brian, thanks for your very kind words. It is where it all started for me and my passion for fishing in Norway. Merete and Kristian are a great couple and make every angler feel like friends rather than guests.

      You guys will love it April but make sure you take your thermals…..

      Speak soon


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