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Santa Cruz Steelhead Fishing Report – Week 3


On week 3 on our exclusive Steelhead fishing Santa Cruz River we had 4 customers joining us from all around the world. Some had joined us as a dedicated trip and others joined us after a weeks Sea Trout fishing at Las Buitreras.



On arrival everyone was extremely keen to get out the rods and hit the river for the first half-day session. This week we were fortunate to have some very experienced anglers with us. Splitting everyone up into two teams it was time to wet some flies. The afternoon provided some mixed results, lots of fish were seen which is always good as it keeps the customers keen and focused for at any minute one could be attached to a Steelhead of a lifetime on the Santa Cruz River.


Steelhead fishing Santa Cruz River


Unfortunately for the first half-day session the competition was all in the favor of the Steelhead as two big fish were hooked quite quickly, but neither of them made it to the waiting net.

The next morning was the dawn of the first full days fishing out on the river, again covering lots of water finding obliging fish our 4 customers managed between them 6 takes with 6 fish on, however this time the odds were turned with 4 of the 6 hooked fishing being landed, photographed and weighed.


Steelhead fishing Santa Cruz River

A cracking Steelhead with some very moody sky’s

Steelhead fishing Santa Cruz River

A very happy customer with a stunning Steelhead.

“The biggest fish on the first day went 12LB’s”

Monday the second full day was very similar with again 6 fish hooked but the odds were equal as 3 fish gave the customers a good beating while 3 fish graced us with their presence.

“The best fish on day 2 went 18LB & 13LB”

Steelhead fishing Santa Cruz River

What a clean fish, long and fat, just fin perfect.


In the middle of the week it was time for one of our customers to depart as they were only fishing a half-week session. Their place was taken up by one of our regular customers who was returning for his 5 trip with us to fish for Steelhead in only 2 seasons.

The second half of the week proved much the same with each day plenty of opportunities and fish hooked and also plenty landed. Ending the week with 31 fish hooked and 19 fish landed. For the weekend we then had our good friend Diego and Sven join us for a couple of days fishing, which was perfect timing as the fishing can alive.



In total over the 10 days fishing with never more than 4 rods each day fishing:

Steelhead takes: 55

Steelhead hooked: 48

Steelhead landed: 36 

The top rod for the week was Doug with 15 Steelhead Landed giving him an average of 2.5 fish landed pr day he fished, that just goes to show the potential of this amazing river.

Steelhead fishing Santa Cruz River

Beautiful fresh Steelhead from the Santa Cruz River

“For were else in this world can you go and fish for a week Steelhead fishing and LAND on average 2.5 fish per day, simply amazing”


Steelhead fishing Santa Cruz River

To make sure you do not miss out on fish like this see the full details below.


If you would like to join us in 2017 Click Here to see the full trip details, remember amazing Steelhead fishing is only a direct flight away. If you have amy questions please feel free to contact me at anytime on 0044 (0)1603 407596.

Peter Collingsworth


  1. Steven

    I am really enjoying reading your reports Argentina is on my bucket list.

    1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest


      Thanks for your comment but you know what they say about bucket lists….

      drop me a line and lets make sure its one you achieve & tick off the list.

      Regards Peter

      1. Steven

        Ok I have sent you my details via your website.

        Is Argentina ok for novices, I have fly fished for many years but not that experienced with double handed rods.

        1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

          No problem, we can take good care of you, the Santa Cruz River is a very big river, but you do not need to do huge casts as the fish tend to run closer to the edges. We have lots of areas where we can put our customers in contact with the fish. That is one reason why our average daily catches are proving to be so good.


        2. Steven

          Thanks 🙂

  2. John M

    I see you also do a hosted week, I am a single angler do you have any places?

    John M

    1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

      Hello John nice to meet you.

      Yes we are doing some hosted weeks and yes I do have a few rods left. Please drop me a line with your contact details on through our website and I will call you.

      The hosted trips will be perfect for you. Regards Peter

      1. John M

        Done & look forward to the call.

        1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

          Perfect I see your details chat soon

          Tight Lines Peter

  3. Alex

    Peter can you also send me full details please, also whats the cost to upgrade flights.

    I have sent you a provisional booking


    1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest


      great news, details have come through and I will send you all the information today my friend. Thanks for booking with Sportquest

      Kind Regards Peter

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