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Sri Lanka Report

Season Starts In Sri Lanka Report

Season Starts In Sri Lanka Report As the season now starts to kick off in Sri Lanka many of our guys are starting to connect with some prize GT’s. The weather has been a little unpredictable but when it has broken the guys have filled their boots. With many double hook ups and fish to 30kg every angler has come back to the resort with massive smiles and aching arms

The GT fishing is relatively new and the more grounds the guides cover the more GT’s they find. Some of the grounds are still to be discovered just waiting for you to throw a popper over them to see what’s at home, so why not try this fantastic part of the world for one of the hardest fighting fish you will ever hook

We have been sent a small report from our Head Guide with a few pictures to try and show you what they have to offer:

March 2013

Early March saw us fishing with a group of Italian friends, the weather has been pretty unsettled this part of the world for most of the season and to be honest we did not have ideal conditions to make a spectacular trip, with windy conditions and rough seas expected for most of the week

Anyway the anglers arrived, eager as usual and off we went on day one. It did not take long for us to raise fish and we hooked into a GT within the first 20 minutes. This went on all day with lots of fished raised and landed

More fish follow for the group, the weather has lifted a bit and we can concentrate on hooking and landing the GT’s we know are about. Big Chuggers (type of Popper) worked well raising fish regularly

One of our guys poses with a really nice Bluefin trevally a really spectacular fish. You can see the weather picking up in the background and we had to leave a little earlier than planned, as the conditions got worse. We hooked 16 and landed 6 on Day 1 Not bad for a start.

The weather forecast wasn’t good, wind blowing through the night had left the water green, we did manage a few GT’s this day as well, choppy conditions making it impossible to get out further, so we had to move closer inshore where again the water was green….

We still managed a few GT’s on this day but I think the guys were feeling the conditions

The rest of the week was full of huge GT’s, which you will see below. The guys, who are returning customers to us, had a brilliant week and have returned home with aching arms many funny stories and some very good pictures

Hopefully see you out here soon

Tight Lines

As you can see from this report and the pictures, there are lots of these hard fighting GT’s to be caught so if you would like us to organize a trip for you then please feel free to contact us on 01603 407596

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