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Secure Lodge Fishing Report

Secure Lodge Fishing Report 27th July to 3rd August

Secure Lodge Fishing Report

This week Secure Lodge felt like a cosmopolitan hub in the heart of the Bolivian Amazon, as guests included Peter from Austria, Peter from Switzerland, Juan Carlos from Argentina, and Richard, Jefferson, and Tony from USA.

The fishing was a bit slow this week, with many small dorado landed and some big ones lost in battle. We had chances with what we call a “saltwater experience with freshwater fish,” which is when the river explodes with sábalo everywhere. These moments demand slowing down the mind as fishing nervous water is always a challenge. These feeding frenzies often mean trying to overcome adrenaline (and failing a lot of the time). Even if you’re doing everything right, when a bunch of dorado are hunting together, the chances are high that it all can come apart in just one bite — any hungry dorado could cut your 40-pound test fluorocarbon as if it were a 5X tippet.

As for the pacu: three of them, ranging from 12 to 15 pounds, were holding on the shore, and a couple more didn’t take well to the imitation fruit that we have been using. Our fly boxes, which are filled with dries and pacu flies, are going to have to wait for warmer water conditions.

Finally, using a heavy dorado fly and mending to get it down deep, Tony caught a beautiful 22-pound jungle catfish. What a way to finish the week!

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Secure Lodge Fishing Report

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