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Fishing Report Norway of Plaice

September Plaice Fishing Report Norway

September Plaice Fishing Report Norway is at a peak

In this Fishing Report Norway Just check out some of the Plaice that are being caught from our camp in Lofoten in what people class as a low season month to travel to Norway. Well let us tell you that this month is in our opinion a very peak month for all flat fish

Our guides at this camp will put you on these type of fish every time and if you have ever fancied trying something a little different in Norway then this has to be the camp as the Plaice fishing is located just outside the camp. People tend to fish for Plaice when the weather is bad and can not get out to the “Good fishing” grounds, but to me this type of fishing is so exciting, armed with a very light rod a small fixed spool reel and a bag of prawns, life can not get much better

The Halibut bite is still going strong as you will see in the next Fishing Report Norway with many double hits so if you fancy going at this time of year please don’t hesitate in calling us to reserve some dates for next year and it could be you holding up one of these huge Plaice or doing battle with the mighty Halibut.

If you would like to have a quick chat with us about a trip to Norway please call us on 01603 407596 and we can help you put a trip together

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