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Spain Fishing Report

Arm Ache Catfish To 150 Spain Fishing Report

Spain Fishing Report Sportquest Holidays customer Steve has just returned from the river Ebro in Spain, and by the great words and pictures he sent us, it looks like he had a fantastic time! and mentioned to us it was one of the best fishing holidays he has ever been on. Read the full story below…

What can I say, promised a 100 lb plus Wels, did it and added 50 lb to it. In the week 30 cats, totalling approx 1,350 lb. One day had 14…… 40, 45, 35, 54, 54,10, 47, 37, 58, 55, 46, 49, 31 and 39. At one point it took over an hour to eat my lunch and ended with severe arm ache. That prepared me for the biggy on the next day, knew soon as I struck that it was big. I never heard before a reel grunt and groan as this did. Nearly all these fish would pull you in if you are not prepared! All are hooked from 140 yards away, it seemed at times never ending to bring them in! Did manage 1 beautiful carp of 22 lb, without really trying (lets face it, catfish are not the prettiest of fish).

Thanks to Sportquest Holidays for a great trip!



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