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Norway Fishing Report

Shane Pullen Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report We were contacted at the end of last year by Shane Pullen who writes Norway Fishing Report for the Sea Angler magazine requesting some information on all our Norway destinations. After listening to his requirements I soon recommended our camp in Tromso as the boats, the accommodation and especially the fishing fitted what he was after.

This camp is one of the finest camps on offer in Norway Fishing Report and took many months of research to find such a quality camp. After many requests from couples that had enough of staying in small cabins, we thought that we should look at offering something different and of a better quality. We were so pleased when we stumbled across this camp, as it is one of the finest we found anywhere and with it located only a short drive from Tromso, it is ideal for Anglers and Non Anglers wishing to take a break from the excellent Norway Fishing Report.

Once Shane and his group returned from Norway he kindly called our office and I sat down and spoke to him about his trip and by the look of all the brilliant pictures he took and the Norway Fishing Report they all had a great time. He had some great stories to tell especially about the very large Halibut that he was playing for some time for it to just turn round and spit the hook as many big Halibut do!! Better luck next time

You could tell in his voice that he really enjoyed it as so many people do and once I had gone through his pictures and his Norway Fishing Report and seen the joy on all his fishing buddies faces I just had to share them with you guys.

Once again, big thanks to Shane Pullen from the Sea Angler magazine for his kind words and pictures and hopefully we will see him out there again next year

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Until next time, tight lines
Paul Stevens

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