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Skrei on the south side of Lofoten – Nappstraumen Fishing Report

Its always great to see the guides over at Nordic Sea angling changing up their tactics in times when fishing slows and managing to fully turn the whole days fishing around. Ill hand you over to the guide for his words on the week.

Skrei on the south side of Lofoten

We should not hide under the chair that the Cod fishing this year has been a memorable year as the large mass of Cod has not migrated as far south as it usually does. We have found them further out to sea and usually in deeper water than we are used to. We typically find huge shoals at the first depth curve, whether we fish inside Lofoten or the outside. This year, however, the inside (Southside) has been much more difficult, but lately it seems to gain more and more Skrei here. As we had some bad weather, we have not had many other options than fishing on the south side or targeting Halibut in the immediate area.

Luckily, Alvin and Erik were right when they found some nice shoals of Cod on the south side and got to experience great fishing with Cod up to 15kg. Our other guests also joined and came home with some nice Cod and were also visited by a group of killer whales at sea. An incredibly fantastic experience that excites a fishing day. They also caught Cod up to 23 kg by other boats on the south side, so it is clear that fishing has improved here as well. However, now, really nice weather is expected, so now we hope to get out to sea again and hopefully report new activity reports from here!

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