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Norway Fishing Report

Snow, Sea Swells Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report and it was a bit of a late one in the end last night, and I think there were a few sore heads this morning! We all got up on time and were out fishing by half nine, the weather was ok and prospects for the day ahead looked good.

We started off at one of our old favourite marks, fishing in about 40-50 metres of water, and we didn’t have to wait long for some action. Paul, on his first drop down, with a brand spanking new glittery, gold, shiny shad literally was hooked up within seconds! A big powerful fish, which put a healthy bend in his 30lb class boat rod, broke the surface after a short but spirited fight. It was great watching the fish come up through the depths, as it broke the surface it was a cracking Cod of nearly 23lb, which was a new PB for Paul! What a start to the day! A few drifts later, Paul was in again, this time with his first ever wolfish, only a small one, but another new species for the week! Those things are horrible, after attempting to bite Paul many times, and biting its own tail we quickly released it back down to the depths.

We fished on in the same place for around 2-3 hours, repeating the drift many times, we didn’t hook anything else massive, but a steady stream of smaller Cod kept everyone interested. By now the weather had taken a turn for the worse, and it really was hard work, heavy snow, strong winds and building seas! Everyone agreed that it was probably best we head in for a spot of lunch and to think of a plan for the afternoon / evening session.

With the weather still dodgy we decided we would head somewhere closer to home, an area which had produced big fish for us before, an area where a nice deep channel runs in between an island and a bridge. We were out on the water by half five, and were fishing by quarter to. We got the drift set up perfectly, and first drift through we managed to land a few small Cod, with everyone Pirking hard, hoping for that biggie. Unfortunately it never came, with the weather once again making things harder, and the fact we only had an hour of daylight left we headed for home to write the Norway Fishing Report.

Spaghetti Bolognese for tea tonight! Which was five star! I think there’ll be a little less drinking and more sleep tonight, fingers crossed the weathers good for tomorrow and we get a few more of those Norwegian 20lbers! Customers leave on Wednesday, as me and Paul head off for another week researching some new destinations… cant believe its gone so quickly!

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Tight Lines Paul


  1. JB

    Wow! can’t wait to see what you caught today…

  2. bigsis

    i agree jb some brill fish being reeled in

  3. Sea Angler

    Keep the news coming

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