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King Salmon Fishing Kalum River Lodge

Great Fishing Skeena At The Kalum River Lodge

King Salmon Fishing Kalum River Lodge and by the report we just recieved off Andrew at the Kalum River Lodge, it looks like they are having some fantastic fishing on the river Skeena! Andrews written a little report and send some pictures, so take a look!

We are having some great fishing on the Skeena and Kalum rivers. In the last week we have caught some superb Chinook and Sockeye Salmon. Our long time client Gerald Gumpert also landed a 20lb Steelhead shortly after arriving at the lodge. Gerald has been fishing the Skeena since 1987. First time guest, Dave Armstrong, landed 4 Chinook salmon on his first day. The largest fish being 27lb. Dave continued to catch some respectable Chinook and Sockeye through out the week. All of Dave’s family and friends are anxiously awaiting his return this weekend for a wild salmon barbeque!

Everyday more fish are entering the rivers as well as the tackle breaking massive Chinooks. It is not unusual to hook salmon over 50lb at this time of year. Our lodge record is 73lb on gear and 65lb on the fly for Chinook Salmon and 30lb for Steelhead. Kalum River Lodge anglers arriving next week will be targeting the big Chinook as this is prime time for these monster fish.

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  1. Paul Howe

    Andrew they look like cracking fish, think I might be interested in paying your lodge a visit soon. Will talk to some friends and try to get a small party together.

  2. Andrew Rushton

    Paul – Thanks for your comment. Its always a pleasure to show anglers some of the fantastic fishing opportunities we offer. This is the time when the big Chinook are moving up the rivers. We are also looking forward to our August/September Skeena fishing for powerful Steelhead and a variety of salmon.

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