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New Lures Fishing Report Norway

Fishing Report Norway has been in contact with our lodge owners and guides in Norway over the past few weeks and it looks like everyone’s keen and eager for the new season to start! They just got some brand new lures available which look ideal for those big Cod and Halibut…

The new shads in this Fishing Report Norway, nick named the ‘Big Bob’ are going to be available in a variety of different colours and in two different weights, a 480g and a mamouth 700g, they are fitted with the highest quality saltwater trebles. These lures have excited the guides, who believe they will be ideal for the early season migratory Cod which they call the Skrei Cod, these fish are the real monsters that Norway is famous for! They are true believers that when fishing for these fish, the bigger the bait the bigger the fish an angler will catch! So the ‘big bob’ should be perfect! They also believe the jigs will be ideal for Halibut, especially in really deep water, where previous shads have failed!

We have been asked to trial these lures on our next trip to Soroya and we have great confidence in these.

An exciting new season awaits…

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Until next time, tight lines



  1. Paul

    I have a trip booked to Soroya in March and am interested in buying some of these, how do i go about buying them?

  2. Chris Administrator

    Hi Paul, I’m not 100% sure if these lures are available in this country yet! I will try and find out for you, I think if not the guides and lodges will have them available over at the destination. I’m on that trip too! Fingers crossed it should be a cracker, after some of them huge migratory Cod… the Skrei! 30,40 and 50lb fish are common! I will keep in touch with any news I have. Cheers Chris

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