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Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report From Our Camps

Norway Fishing Report with some nice pictures and a Norway Fishing Report for the last couple of weeks of August at our sea fishing lodges in Northern Norway. As usual, the fishing in Tromso, Havoysund and Soroya has been as explosive as ever!

Starting in Tromso, at this point of the season and through into early Autumn, fishing can be very good close to the camp, and this year it has been no different with some nice Halibut being landed within a few minutes of the camp. Our guide wizard! Eddie has had no problem finding the fish, with Halibut gracing his boat of 180cm, 154cm, 122cm plus many smaller one’s. The area has also been plentiful for Cod, with fish up to 17kg being landed on the Halibut tackle.

Heading north, to the island of Soroya, all the boats have been enjoying some nice catches of Cod, with some boats taking the long steam out to a mark known as Rasa, where many fish over the 20kg mark, have been caught. Some nice Halibut have also been landed, these fish arent the same stamp as what the boats catch in Tromso or Havoysund, but they still get the odd fish nudging the 100lb mark, with the average size being between 50-60lb.

Just round the corner at Havoysund, Halibut and Redfish have been the main quarry for the anglers with large numbers of Halibut gracing the majority of the boats, for those who have searched for Redfish and travelled the distances and braved the depths, have been rewarded with some great sport.

Anyway it’s always hard to try and translate the fishing report, and cram 2 weeks worth of action into a few paragraphs… and as they say a picture tells a thousand words, so here’s a few!

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Until next time, tight lines


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