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Sportquest Holidays – Fish With Us, Fish With The Best

As we come to the end of another successful year, we’d like to take the opportunity to look back at some of the fantastic fish that you, our customers, have landed whilst away on your holidays with us. Captures showcasing just some of the excellent fishing on offer at our range of destinations around the globe. 

We pride ourselves hugely on the fantastic customer service and experience we offer pre-trip, but also the feedback post-trip, as we know the quality of the fish and fishing can turn a brilliant holiday, into a genuine experience of a lifetime. We love nothing more than hearing your stories and receiving your pictures, whether you’ve caught lots of fish, landed a new personal best or ticked a species off your bucket list – it’s one of the reasons we do what we do. 

This year, there have been so many memorable captures that we couldn’t possibly showcase them all, but here are a few of the exceptional fish that come to mind, landed over the past twelve months. 

These cement our ethos that when you fish with Sportquest, you fish with the best. 

Angler: Neil
Species: Sea Trout
Weight: 27.5lb
Location: Worlds End Lodge, Argentina

As always, the start of 2023 saw our hosted trips and exclusive weeks commence in Argentina, where many travelling rods visited the barren plains of Patagonia to target some of the giant Sea Trout, which inhabit the famous rivers in the region. During the first few months of the year, a considerable number of fantastic fish got landed, but one in particular that springs to mind was a super specimen of over 27lb landed by our good friend and Sportquest regular Neil.  

Visit our tour page: Worlds End Lodge Argentina

Angler: Paul
Species: Giant Trevally
Weight: 90lb
Location: Andaman Islands 

In March, our sold-out solo traveller trips to Andaman Island were a fantastic success, with many different, hard-fighting bluewater species landed. On a week when the GTs were well and truly on the feed, Paul landed a stunning specimen which tipped the scales at just over 90lb. 

Visit our tour page: Fishing Adventures Andaman Islands

Angler: Gareth
Species: Plaice
Weight: 9lb & 8lb
Location: Havoysund, Norway

As well as having some fantastic Halibut, Cod and Coalfish fishing, our Nordic Sea Angling Camps also offer some truly incredible Plaice fishing. In August this year, customer Gareth landed two absolute giant dustbin lids, with the most significant weighing just over 9lb and the smaller of the two just under. We believe it must be one of the biggest braces of Plaice ever caught by a British angler.

Visit our tour page: Guided Halibut Havoysund Norway

Angler: Sam
Species: Halibut
Weight: 315lb (213cm) & 260lb (200cm)
Location: Å, Lofoten Isalnds, Norway

When fishing with us in Norway, a 2m+ Halibut is a genuine possibility, but it’s considered the holy grail and the fish of a lifetime. To catch one in a week is an incredible achievement, but to land two in a week is simply mind-blowing, but that’s precisely what our customer Sam managed when he visited our destination of Å in August this year. In his week of fishing, Sam caught two fish over the magical two-metre Mark, with the biggest measuring a whopping 213cm, an estimated 315lb on the length-to-weight charts. 

Visit our tour page: Guided Halibut & Coalfish Fishing Å

Angler: Mark
Species: Dogtooth Tuna 
Weight: 171lb
Location: Rodrigues Island

A good friend of Sportquest and Norwegian regular Mark, embarked on a different adventure this year as he visited Rodrigues Island on one of our hosted weeks. For all customers, the week was an incredible success, with specimen Tuna, Wahoo, Snappers and Jacks, to mention just a few. On the last hour of their trip to the famous Hawkins Bank, Mark landed a Dogtooth Tuna of a lifetime, an absolute beast of a fish weighing in at over 170lb. 

Visit our tour page: Hosted Rodrigues Island Mauritius

Angler: Peter
Species: Arapaima
Weight: 250lb
Location: Pirarucu Lodge, Brazil

Pirarucu Lodge is our dedicated Arapaima fly fishing destination in Brazil, and for travelling rod Peter, catching one of these jungle specimens was the target. To say he achieved this would be an understatement, as during his week at the lodge in October this year, he landed a colossal fish of 2.15m and around 250lb in weight. It was his largest ever fly-caught specimen and a genuine fish of a lifetime. 

Visit our tour page: Pirarucu Lodge Brazil

Angler: Andrew
Species: Halibut
Weight: 195cm
Location: Nappstraumen, Norway

Landing a nearly 2m Halibut is an incredible achievement when boat fishing, but even considering landing one of this size from the shore is virtually unheard of. However, during our guided shore fishing weeks in Nappstraumen, Norway this autumn, that extraordinary feat was achieved as Sportquest customer Andrew landed a giant of 195cm, an estimated 242lb on the length-to-weight charts. The fish was a new camp record and up there among some of the largest ever landed from the shore in Norway by a British angler. 

Visit our tour page: Guided Shore Fishing Norway


If you have a particular species on your bucket list, a style of fishing you’d like to experience or a personal best you’d like to break, join us on a trip. We offer some of the best fishing destinations around the globe, catering for all angling disciplines. Contact us today on 01603 407596 or email and we can help you start to plan your fishing adventure of a lifetime.

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