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Sri Lanka Fishing Report Heaven Or Hell

Sri Lanka Fishing Report with fish like below it is no wonder that Sri Lanka is becoming the place to head to for a huge GT. Our guides really know how to meet every ones expectations as the fish in Sri Lanka are always willing to smash a well presented popper. As we tell every one who travels there, you must go to the gym and build up your arm muscles as this fishing is extreme and will take no prisoners, so be warned….. The little short itinerary was for 9 anglers who wanted only a couple of days of fishing and as you can see they had a superb trip and will be returning next season as they have a fair bit of unfinished business:

Day 1

On the 1st of March, 9 keen anglers came on board our two boats “Rampageous” and “No Limit” to join us for 3 days of GT hunting in Kirinda waters.

Just exiting the harbour, Rampageous had a small electrical matter, so all the anglers went over to the No Limit boat for the day.

Arriving on the spot, the sea greeted us with a flat surface, gin clear water and no wind.

Hoping for a small breeze we knew the fishing was going to be difficult without wind and drift.

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon the Weather Gods heard our prayers, bringing us wind and with it came the fish. In just the last two hours of fishing, the group managed 15 bites with 6 fish inside the boat, including a nice 35kg GT for one lucky angler in this Sri Lanka Fishing Report

Meanwhile the mechanics worked all night and got Rampageous back into perfect running order for the next morning.

Sri Lanka Fishing Report of some fine looking GT's Look at the size of that GT's Mouth Sri Lanka Fishing Report
He can barely Hold that GT Sri Lanka Fishing Report african pompano Sri Lanka Fishing Report

Day 2

With both boats heading out on the calm, sun kissed Indian Ocean, the anglers quickly found a new technique for the Kirinda waters, using stick baits. This is normally a “no go” in these waters as the waters are usually quite coloured, but at this time the Ocean was clear like a swimming pool, making it easy for the GT to spot the stick baits such as, Carpenter Gamma, Daiwa Dorado Slider Meister, CBONE RODEO on the surface.

One angler caught a very nice African Pompano while another missed a huge King Mackerel. Terada hooked a big GT slowly taking line over the reef. Unfortunately the fish went for the rocks as so many times before, snapping the line. This is a reminder to not bring a leader thinner than 140-200lbs.

The day ended with 22 bites and 5 landed fish.

Black GT Sri Lanka Fishing Report Two people holding up massive GT Sri Lanka Fishing Report

Day 3

The last day went as the previous two days with a slow start before lunch.

fishing on No Limit had a spectacular bite from a huge fish of +40kg, showing everybody in the boat it’s pig sized head. Just after the bite, the hook pulled and the line went slack.

Day three produced 29 bites with 9 fish landed.

Double header of GT's Sri Lanka Fishing Report friends at the end of the trip hug Sri Lanka Fishing Report

The group will be joining us again for the next season in the hunt for big GT!

If you would like us to put together something to fit around you then simply call us and we can make your dreams come true. Call us on 01603 407596 and we will do the rest.

Until next time, tight lines

Paul Stevens

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