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Sri Lanka Season Ends fishing report

Sri Lanka Season End Fishing Report

Sri Lanka Fishing Report We have now, sadly come to the end of the GT season in Sri Lanka and as you can see from the below pictures that it has been one of the best so far. With GT’s regularly caught in excess of 50 kilo’s it is fast becoming THE place to head to for one of the best fishing holidays you are likely to have

From the moment you step of the plane, our very professional guides and ground handlers will treat you like a king. They will then transfer you to your accommodation along some stunning roads that wind through absolutely breath taking scenery leaving you feeling relaxed and ready to do battle with some very angry GT’s Sri Lanka

This season we have been mainly fishing the south and east side of the Island and it has been an exhilarating experience, along with a learning curve where we have had to test our knowledge and put our fishing experience to good use. Sri Lanka Fishing Report

What we have now reconfirmed is that it is a destination for big fish, our initial exploration trips showed numerous 40 to 50 kg GT’s and the season opened with many big GT’s being caught including the monster 163 cm fish that is one of the largest GT ever landed. There is a genuine chance here to land a 50 kg fish every week here and you just cannot come unprepared.
We had a lot of customers this season who choose to fish lighter line classes but this just did not work, instantaneous bust offs are the order of the day, the same goes with using lighter and smaller hooks like the ST 66, this is pointless if you are chasing big fish, yes you can land a fish now and again on ST 66 hooks but not regularly and also remember big GT’s are apex predators who are smart, to say again once they miss or get off the hook they will not be back too soon. Next season we will be enforcing only Barbless hooks which are safer for both the anglers around you and well as enabling the GT to survive better if it busts off. Sri Lanka Fishing Report

Like all the big fish destinations we have it all here, deep drop offs close by, oceanic up-wellings, bait and structure. Is there an abundance of big fish and can the location take the fishing pressure? We think so! Careful management of the fishing spots and the guides local knowledge of the fish movements seem to have proved this as we fished almost continuously for 4 months without our catch rates falling and the sizes of the fish landed becoming smaller, ample resting of the area for long periods in between will give it plenty of time to regenerate and given that the GT’s move around quite a bit there will be plenty of big fish waiting for you in 2015.

So get ready with those heavy chuggers, big hooks, xx heavy leaders and a spool with some strong braid, some arm wrenching action in Sri Lanka awaits you next season.

We are currently taking bookings for the next season, which starts October 2014 and if you do not hurry you will MISS out. So simply give us a call on 01603 407596 and we can look at putting together a trip of a lifetime but only if you are man enough……..

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Paul Stevens


  1. Amanoula Mathurah

    Nice catch
    Hey guy you should tell us also what type of rod , line ,reel and baits you use this can be useful to us .

  2. Peter Spice

    I spent 6 months in Sri Lanka this year (not fishing) and the country is fantastic. The south coast near Yala National park is a tropical palm fringed paradise, Sri Lanka food is exquisite, the weather is perfect and the pictures tell the story of the fishing, which is starting to look like some of the best GT action on the planet. Go now before they concrete over it and spoil everything.

  3. Mathew Hunt

    Great report your blogs have defiantly put Sri Lanka on my map. Keep it coming, plus agree with the other comment, can we have some advice on tackle, lures etc

    1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

      Its a please Mathew

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