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Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report 2012 Summary

Norway Fishing Report as the camps wind down for their winter shut down, they have sent us a summary of 2012 and boy they have had one hell of a season with many new PB’s for people and many new camp records.

Lets start this Norway Fishing Report with our camp in Soroya:

This destination is world famous for its Skrei fishing, which to people that have never heard of them they are Migratory Cod that come in close enough to reach with our boats. These fish are normally found far out in very deep water in the Barents Sea and for 5 – 6 weeks a year these come close enough to this island for us to catch them.

Now these are not your ordinary Cod, these grow to their maximum size and can be seen in our other Norway Fishing Report and they give you one of the best fights you will get in Norway of any species. The real big ones, 25kg +, are fairly easy to target as they sit on top of the shoals picking off the weak and injured Cod, which makes it very easy for us as we don’t have to wade through all the small Cod, 15kg – 25kg…… This type of fishing is extreme as one tends to catch around 30 – 40 Cod a day with an average of 20kg. These fish are only here for around 5 weeks a year and we have pre booked a 2 week period smack in the middle for 2013 and 2014 for my guided trip. The trip is fully booked for 2013 and very nearly booked up for 2014 but I do have some spaces available so if your interested please don’t hesitate in contacting me

Another prime 31kg Norwegian CodNext in our Norway Fishing Report is our Camp at Havoysund:

This year has been their best year ever for the sheer size of Halibut. This destination is sold as a Halibut camp as there are just so many around them. The guys that guide from this camp are in my opinion some of the best guides in Norway. They know so much about Halibut and their habits, they strongly promote catch and release as they believe that these fish are their future and they have spent many years tagging Halibut with some very interesting results.

If you haven’t ever hooked a Halibut, then let me tell you that at first you will think you have hooked the bottom until it starts to move and take lots of your braid with it. These fish tend to fight their hearts out and must be treated with the up most care and please, if you intend on taking one home for dinner then please only take the juveniles around the 5 – 10kg size.

Well that’s it for our Norway Fishing Report 2012 all the camps have shut down and they have sent a big thank you to all the guys and girls that have visited them this year and they hope to see you all again next year.

If you would like to come out with me next year I do have a few spare places on some of my guided trips so please if you are interested give me a call and I will point you in the right direction


  1. Paul

    Hi Paul

    What a great report coming with you next year and can not wait already

  2. Mark Rigby

    Got to show my mates this, can you send me details of these trips please

  3. John Wall

    Hi guys can you please add these to the WSFF please, I remember seeing them on there in the past as we all miss them.

    Great reports with great pictures

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