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Amazing Tarpon fishing at Silver King Lodge Costa Rica

Tarpon Tarpon And More Tarpon

Tarpon Tarpon And More Tarpon as the season in our resort in Costa Rica is in full swing and our anglers are reaping the rewards with multiple catches of their target species, the Tarpon. There doesn’t seem to be a better place in the world to target the largest of this species and put this with some of the best Tarpon guides and the finest accommodation and you will not be disappointed.

Our fishery manager has been sending us some fantastic reports recently and sitting here looking through what has been caught over the last couple of weeks, it still takes my breath away and is some where that is quickly finding its way to the top of my places that I have got to visit. So if you are a die-hard Tarpon angler that goes to Florida each year then you simply must take a look at Costa Rica for your next trip, you will not be disappointed. Check out the little fishing reports from the last couple of weeks:

Fishing remains fantastic. Our clients Ted and Peter have caught 35 tarpon in four days and still have three to go. Our new guests have arrived, had their breakfast and went out and caught tarpon almost immediately. Fish are taking ‘sardinas’ and single hook jigs made by Marvin, an outstanding guide who has been with the lodge for many years (from the start, actually) and has clearly developed a pattern that is working. There is little that could improve on current conditions“.

Fishing report:

Wind finally died down and our guests were able to get out the river mouth and onto the ocean. The morning was a bust but the afternoon made up for it!

 One guest had 2 tarpon on the hook and caught two tarpon – 80 and 100 pounds, respectively.

One guest caught two 80-pound tarpon.

One guest caught a 120-pound tarpon and had 3 on the hook“.

Fishing report:

The wind….. another river fishing day.

But it was a good day fishing. Something had the tiger fish biting!

One guest caught 40 tiger fish and two guests caught 10 each“.

Fishing report:

“More unseasonable weather – wind conditions made the ocean too choppy for fishing. Our guests fished the river and caught quite a few fish!

One guest caught a 40 pound tarpon, a snook (2 pounds) and 2 blue gills

Another guest caught a snook (2 pounds), a Jack, and 3 other fish

Four guests caught blue gills (5, 3, 2,and 1 respectively)”.

Tarpon Tarpon And More Tarpon

Tarpon Tarpon And More Tarpon

Fishing report:

Fishing was great today despite starting a bit rainy and windy. 11 guests at the Lodge. Biggest tarpon came in at 140 pounds:

One guest caught a 120-pound tarpon in the morning.

Two guests caught 60-pound tarpons in the morning

Three guests hooked multiple tarpon (3, 2 and 2)

In the afternoon, one guest caught a barracuda (7 pound) and hooked two tarpon.

One guest caught a 60-pound tarpon

One guest caught a 140-pound tarpon.

One guest had two tarpon hooked

One guest caught an 80-pound tarpon and a 30 pound Jack and also hooked five tarpon.

One guest caught six blue gills“.

Fishing report:

15 guests at SKL – lots of fish caught!

Two guests with two tarpon caught:

One guest with a 50,and a 115 lb tarpon;

Another with an 80+ and 90+ lb tarpon.

Two guests with three tarpon caught:

One with a 100, 120 and 130 lb. tarpon;

Another with a 130, 100 and 90 lb tarpon.

One guest caught a 70 tarpon

One guest caught a 80 pound tarpon

One guest caught a 81 tarpon

One guest caught a 120 tarpon

One guest had 3 tarpon on the hook

One guest had 1 tarpon on the hook

As you can see from the above reports the Tarpon are there in huge numbers and if you fancy joining us one day then get in touch with me and we can get you some peak times coinciding with the correct moon phases. You can reach me on 01603 407596

Until next time, tight lines


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