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Team Pro’s Sandbakken Day 2 Report

Team pro Sweden are fishing Sandbakken in Norway and they are having some amazing sport, take a look below to see how they are getting on.

Here is a short report from yesterday’s sea fishing. Day two! After some sleep and breakfast we went out to our intended hotspot. We always aim to fish for Halibut and this time was certainly no different. The area we call Sandviken is big and there is a lot of water to fish. We mainly fish trolling with big shads and today it gave a terrific result.

Micke and Co managed to find a stretch in this bay where the Halibut were really feeding. They got Halibut fever! In our boat we had the most cod today but at the end we managed to land a Halibut too. The biggest Halibut unfortunately won the fight against me. I had a huge run when we slowly slipped over 30 feet deep. After a battle lasting for about 5 minutes the Halibut was unfortunately lost. During these minutes, I could hardly move this fish so it was really something big on my line.. How big it really was, you never get to know. But it’s still swimming out there.


Thanks for the report Freddan, it sounds like you are having some really good fishing at the minute.

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