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Norway fishing report Havoysund

Havoysund Best So Far Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report, our very good friend Peter K and his group of buddies have just returned from our most northerly camp in Norway, the World famous Havoysund fish camp with a glowing Norway Fishing Report with funny mishaps and lots of great pictures. Peter has been to Norway with us several times now and the more times he travels there the trips just seem to get better for him.


Peter holding his biggest Norway fishing report of CodPeter K with a huge Cod A 50LB Cod from Norway fishing reportWhat great conditions

He last visited Havoysund back in 2013 on my Hosted trip there and loved the camp and the fishing so much he put together a trip of his own with 3 of his friends, which turned out to be 2 of his friends as the 3rd angler could not find his passport…… what a thing to loose! to say he was gutted was an understatement

Peter kindly gave us the below Norway Fishing Report from the trip and if you read it you will see how much they all enjoyed the trip and if you would like to experience this great camp for your self then simply call me directly on 01603 407596 and we can see what is available for you next year.

Peter’s Words:

Hi i will attempt to send the best photos i have so far , I am awaiting a whole bunch more that look to be of better quality, unfortunatly we did not spend as much time shooting good photo shots as we would have liked now that we are home , you kind of get lost in the fishing moment and the taking of pictures becomes a chore! and there just never seems to be time? Considering the amount and diversity of the fish we had around us almost all the time, Poor Stuart could not put his rod down from the moment we got to the camp especially after he watched me hook an 85 cm halibut on a dexter wedge from the jetty on my bass rod and 20 lb braid second cast and almost land the fish without a gaff or net !! (he still has the scars to prove it from its teeth) FUNNY! 

We all struggled with the 24 hr sunshine ,Its just so hard to leave the fishing and try to sleep.On the last day we we left the shelter of the islands and travelled North into the Barrents Sea for a short 4 hr session , I have never seen a shoal of fish so large in my life, we were in 150 meters of water on the edge or a drop off that contoured for about a mile and a half we had fish thick on the sounder from bottom to 10 meters below the surface, a mix of Cod , Coalfish, big Haddock, Ling Cod and Wolf fish that went on as far as we were drifting and probably much further.We were catching just off our leeder, Stu had Coalies to 18 lb and a big Haddock everytime the Coalies were a bit slow, I was the same ,I hooked and landed 38.8 lb Cod at literally 10 meters under the surface.

Our days fishing were ended by some gentle drifting by the rocks in shallow water with light gear and prawn baits for big Dabs and Plaice, Of course Halibut of all sizes were part of our daily catch from 70 cm being about the smallest to the largest we caught at 160 cm, we all had big fish Simon 115cm ,Stuart 130cm. I had the big one but Stu lost a very strong fish on a 3 lb Coalfish, smashed up like it was 6lb line. AWSOME.

We did not loose a days fishing but we saw awide range of weather conditions, some ugly but mostly beautifull just like the scenery. We all had a fantastic trip

Thanks Peter for you kind words of this Norway Fishing Report and really looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures.

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Speak Soon, All the best

Paul Stevens

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