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Norway Fishing Report

Customers Head Home Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report and today was the day that the customers returned home and Paul and I carried on our journey further north to research our three new destinations.

Up and about at half eight, quick tidy round, bags packed and on the way to Badufoss Airport, once we arrived we saw the customers through check in, said our good byes and went to sort out our hire car!

With a suitcase each, large cool box, two laptop bags and bazooka rod tubes, we were just praying that the car would be big enough to fit it all in! As luck had it, it was and we were on road for around eleven thirty. With the SatNav Programmed with the destinations zip code, we sat back and enjoyed the journey through some stunning scenery! Until we actually reached Tromso, I think we only had to make one turning! The roads are virtually traffic free!

We arrived at Tromso/Hansnes at around half three and were greeted by the friendly owners. After some filming and pictures of the accommodation and surroundings, we got invited to dinner for some good old fashioned home cooked Norwegian food!

Thinking we were going to be eating with them in there house, we were surprised when we were told to meet them in the bar! A cracking little room, with Larger on tap, sky TV and a large dinning area, it was perfect after a busy day on the road. The food was absolutely fantastic, fish soup, made with some prime halibut chunks, with loads of crispy bread on the side for good measure! We found out that the lodge will actually cater for anglers, for all meals throughout the day, even supplying packed lunches if required.

After the food, we enjoyed a couple of pints, what we didn’t enjoy was the price, although saying that, it was only the classic Norwegian price, which anyone who’s had a beer in Norway will know, can be very expensive!

We retired back to the lodge for an early night, hoping we might be able to pick up the champions league footie! If we cant its probably best we get some sleep as we have a seven hour drive and one and a half hour ferry crossing to get to the next stop. Once there we have two and a half days to film and fish, fingers crossed we get a few!

Will keep you all posted, to view all our sea fishing destinations Click Here

Tight Lines Chris & Paul



  1. JB

    Glad to see you are being well fed…and finding yourself in a bar – only you!It looks like a great place though – can you see the Northern Lights from there?!

  2. Rocky Ellis

    Had a fantastic time, 4 PB’s in one week.Will definately come again – Chris and Paul you are great guides.New Location looks good – save me a seat for next year. Looking forward tomorrows blogTight Lines Rocky

  3. JB

    …I’m asking to see if its a "romantic" fishing holiday – then the boyfriend might even take me!!

  4. peter .K

    Thanks for a great hol. i love the remote cold location, pleased with the fish and the company! just went too quickly was just getting into it . know what to take next time,over packed a bit! well as u can gather got home ok the flights we brill and especially the flight into Gatwick, really smooth and quick to get through the airport,had a few issues on the journey back to Norfolk but got over that now.It was just a pleasure to meet and spend the week with Tom he is such a nice genuine lad with so much enthusiasm, dont think he complained about anything once even when he turned blue with cold a couple of times,unlike us old gits! looking forward to inviting him to fish the North Sea with us this summer on our boat.Anyway thanks again from myself ,Colin and Mike would love to do it again sometime maybe its my turn next time for a big Hbut like the one i had the pleasure to land and share a photo with for uncle Mike,tight lines Paul and Chris hope you contact withe some of our pescitorial freinds up there with mother nature … Beautifull country!!!!!!! see you soon, call us when you get back and we will get together for a beer and some fish and chips , might even give you a ride in a real boat.. P.

  5. Chris

    Hi JB, thanks for the comments, it sure could be very romantic destination…Tromso that is. Ideal for couples or familys. Accomodation is first class, Tromso (big city) is near by and weather is usually good!

  6. Chris Administrator

    Thanks for the kind comments rocky! Glad you enjoyed it as much as we did, well done on the PB’s, was great for you and Paul having so much fun. Weren’t those Coalfish crazy! Hope to see you again next year, maybe the group trip will be too a new destination after what we’ve witnessed tonight! As I said if you need any tackle or any information on anything else then don’t hesitate in giving us a call! Will get a picture and video disc sorted when we get back and get one sent out to you! Cheers Chris & Paul!

  7. Chris Administrator

    Hi Peter! Thanks so much for the kind comments, glad you had a good time and enjoyed it as much as we did! Picture of the Halibut is cracking! Could definetely be a brochure picture! Hope to see you again next year, possibly at a new destination if what we’ve witnessed tonight is anything to go by! (check out Thursdays blog). Would be great if Paul and Me could take a trip out in a ‘real’ boat 😉 perhaps even grab a beer and some fish and chips as well! Will keep you posted on how we get on tommorrow, weathers ment to be pretty poor, but we should be able to get out somewhere, even if its only close in! Cheers mate, see you soon! P.S Will get a picture and video disc sorted for everyone as soon as we get back.

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