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Norway Fishing Report

Land Of The Big Fish Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report with it only being two weeks to my Hosted trip to Soroya, getting Norway Fishing Report like this one just makes me want to be there and not in the office. This place always blows me away with the sheer size and numbers of big fish they get, with each year seems to get better Norway Fishing Report

The weather has been a little rough there over the last week but when they have managed to get out on the water the Norway Fishing Report has been fantastic. Four boats went out for 2 hours of fishing and in those two hours the four boats managed to 20 20kg + Cod…..and even one to 31kg all caught on the Big Bobs which featured in my last blog

As the week went on the weather slowly moved off and they were managing to get out a lot more and the Norway Fishing Report show this. With the water still being a little lumpy they have not managed to get out to the deep water but with these result’s, I don’t think they need to. They have now managed to take Cod up to 33kg with so many 20kg Cod that they have lost count, hopefully that 40kg Cod will be waiting for some one on my trip

Hopefully every body that is coming out there with me this year has managed to buy all the last minute bits and if there is any thing you are struggling to get drop me an email and I will try my hardest to help you.

If you are reading this and wishing you had booked for this year, then don’t worry I still have a couple of spaces available for 2014, but don’t leave it too late as I am sure on my return this trip will fill. To view this amazing destination Click Here or simply call me on 01603 407596 and I can help you make your dreams of catching one of these huge Cod a reality

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