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Norway fishing report

The Very Last Northern Norway Fishing Report

If you are a follower of my Norway Fishing Report then you may be thinking that the last report on Northern Norway was the last, but I have just been sent this one and thought it was unfair not to share with you guys

October is normally a month where the camps are winding down and making preparations for winter, well not this camp as they are still in full swing. The camp in Northern Norway I am talking about is on the stunning Lofoten Islands and by the look of this Norway Fishing Report, October must be right up there for your trips next year if you want a chance of catching, not just size, but a large amount of Halibut.

 Norway fishing report of man holding his biggest ever Halibut

Our guides at this camp are having the times of their lives guiding and with fishing like this, you can understand that this is the best job in the World. They are using many different methods to target the Halibut, from bait fishing to shad fishing, it is all working

Norway fishing report on Tag and release Halibut Lofoten Islands Yet another huge Halibut tagged and released Norway fishing report
Grip and grin for Norway fishing report onHalibut caught This halibut has a tag shown in my Norway fishing report

The reason why this area is so full of Halibut is the simple fact that all the baitfish have now moved in from the open ocean bringing with them the Halibut. The sea temperature is now falling and the area is becoming a baitfish restaurant…. If you have not yet made up your mind on where to go next year then simply look no further than the Lofoten Islands, you WILL not be disappointed

 Two very happy anglers hold this Halibut up for Norway fishing report

Two men releasing this huge Halibut Norway fishing report Lofoten

He is playing a big Halibut for my Norway fishing report He is filming with go pro camera pictures for Norway fishing report underwater

Head guide Erik holding a big fat Halibut Norway fishing report

So I think that’s about it for Northern Norway now and finally we have come to the end of another brilliant season and all of us at Sportquest Holidays would like to thank all who travelled with us to this most stunning part of the World that is known as ‘The land of midnight sun’ Norway Norway Fishing Report

Norway fishing report on the stunning Northern lights over Lofoten

Until next year, thanks for reading all my Norway Fishing Report and the next one I will be writing will be Soroya 2015 season so far:

Tight lines

Paul Stevens

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