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Azores fishing report

Tuna filled Azores Fishing Report

Azores Fishing Report now has been slowly creeping up the ranking for Big Game destinations around the world with their huge run of Tuna the get in June and July then the Marlin make a big appearance and its with this that we a couple of years ago managed to secure one of the best boats and skippers on this Island. Azores fishing report

Azores fishing report Of captain getting rods ready

Captain watching for signs of fish in this Azores fishing report

It is no wonder that this location has become very busy and with reports and pictures like this that you may well  find your self thinking of a quick hope over there to see what you are missing. Mr Gibbons and son decided they wanted a trip Big Game fishing but didn’t want the long haul flights that come with such places as Mexico and Panama. So with this in mind I suggested maybe they look a little closer to home and check out the Azores as it completely fitted their requirements. Azores Fishing Report

Two friends swimming in Azores fishing report Chilling in the mid day sun Azores fishing report
Stunning gardens in Azores fishing report Azores fishing report of steaming rock pile

Amazing view over Azores fishing report

I was very confident that they would have a great time as our skipper and host really does take care of every little part of the Holiday and when not out fishing likes to make you feel part of the family. The Azores is an amazing part of the world and with breath taking scenery you will soon find your self not wanting to come home.

lush fields of Azores fishing report Stunning view of the island of the Azores fishing report

Back to the Azores Fishing Report, it was really red hot for Mr Gibbons and Son with lots of hard fighting Tuna landed and good times had. We have been sent some images from their trip and we really hope that you can see how much they were looked after and if you fancy getting in on some of the action then call us on 01603 407596 and we can tailor make your trip to suit your needs

An angler waiting for a bite in this Azores fishing report

View of the back of the boat in Azores fishing report Playing a big Tuna in Azores fishing report

Azores fishing report of some Tuna action

Tuna all day long Azores fishing report

Big game boat in Azores fishing report

bottom fishing in the Azores fishing report small species fishing in Azores fishing report
Sushi on the boat Azores fishing report The anglers eating Sushi Azores fishing report

Azores fishing report of the anglers collection awards

Azores fishing report award ceremony

Hope you like the images and remember we can tailor make this holiday to fit around your work commitments.

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Until next time, tight lines



  1. Gary

    Hi Paul, looks like the guys had a good trip. Whats the possibility of 4 anglers sharing the boat in August this year? We would want 3 days fishing and stay for 7 nights. Can you please email me some details and i will see what the guys say

    Thanks in advance

  2. Paul Stevens Sportquest

    Morning Gary

    The boat is capable of taking 6 people but we only like a max of 4 so not a problem and August is a great time. i will email the guys over there and come back to you.
    All the best

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