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Turneffe Flats fishing reports

Turneffe Flats Belize Fishing Report

Turneffe Flats Belize Fishing Report and we have had many guests staying at Turneffe Flats this past week and have fished with 6 skiffs dropping to 4 for the second half. Tarpon fishing has been very good with multiple fish most days and fish rocking the scales at an impressive 150lb’s. The weather has been on form this week with little rain and a pleasant on-shore breeze

Fishing Report: July 19-26, 2014

Weather Conditions:

Air Temp: Highs of mid-80’s to low 90’s

Water Temp: 82-84 degrees

Wind: E to ESE wind of 5-15mph

Tides: High of 0.48 ft at 4:06pm on July 19th

Moon Phase: New Moon on July 26th

Mark and Fran are regular visitors to Turneffe and had requested to fish again with guide Michael. The pair reported many shots at numerous Tarpon in sight fishing circumstances as well as casting to rolling Tarpon around the cuts and channels. Michael and other guide Mark reported many numbers of Permits on both the flats and within the lagoon system

 Turneffe Flats Belize Fishing Report

Father and son duo arrived at Turneffe Flats for their first visit in six years. They teamed up with the same guide as last time, Mark, for the week as they mainly requested fishing for Tarpon. On Tuesday they had a real red-letter day as they jumped 7 Tarpon and managed to land 2 of the silver kings, one of these fish topped 140lb’s. They also managed lots of Snapper, Snook and Barracuda during their Tarpon adventures

 Turneffe Flats Belize Fishing Report

This resort is one the whole family will love and believe me, once you have visited Turneffe Flats in Belize it will be high on your return list for future years. Lots of non fishing activities for the family and some of the best fishing guides you will ever come across makes this resort one of the best in the World

If you have been looking for a family holiday where every one will be well catered for then look no further, we are currently taking lots of bookings for this resort so make sure you do not miss out on some peak months, simply call us for a chat and we can recommend the perfect dates for any chosen species. You can call me directly on 01603 407596

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Best Regards

Paul Stevens


  1. Peter Spice

    Stunning location, superb fish, it doesn’t get any better, I have to get there next year. Note to self, ask Peter if he wants to organise a hosted trip????

    1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

      Peter, it look like an amazing place. All our returning anglers always comment on how well they get looked after and mention how the fishing is the best they have ever had….. i am sure Peter will sort something out

  2. Mathew Rickard

    Awesome place. Big permit and tarpon, what more does an angler want. Must get out there one day

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