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Two New Camp Records North Norway Report


Two New Camp Records North Norway Report from this weekend and you will be amazed at what they have just landed at two of our camps in Northern Norway setting two NEW CAMP RECORDS in the shape of a huge Halibut and a monster Cod. The camps in question are Lofoten Islands for the Halibut and Havoysund for the Cod.


Our destination on the Lofoten Islands called Å is and has been for a while been producing some huge Halibut and this is due to the well-known Moskenesströmmen that is located nearby and is one of the strongest maelstroms in the world.

“370LB’s Halibut from Norway”


Here, the difference between high and low tides vary by almost four meters and the water can move at up to 6 knots! The Halibut caught this weekend was measured at 230cm and estimated to weigh 170kilo’s (370LB’s)


Two New Camp Records North Norway Report


The Halibut go on the feed when this tide is in full swing as all the baitfish get disorientated making them an easy snack for the waiting Halibut.

“Huge 83LB Cod landed”


The next new camp record is from Havoysund in the shape of a huge Cod at 37.5 Kilo, which for this time of year is huge. The Skrei Cod are hanging around Havoysund this year and anglers are managing to catch lots of big Cod.


Two New Camp Records North Norway Report


As we said in our last report from Norway, May is an awesome month to travel to Norway and if you have got any ideas on going to Norway next year then we highly recommend May the month to travel. If you would like any information on any of our destinations in Northern Norway simply call me on 01603 407596. Alternatively  Click Here to view all the other destinations in Norway.


“May is highly recommended for sea fishing in Norway”


This is just a little report as we thought it would have been rude to make you wait until our monthly round up!

Until next time, tight lines

Paul Stevens


  1. Nigel

    Awesome well done to the anglers. Fish of a life time

    1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

      Thanks Nigel the guys are still over the moon. That Halibut is special it took him ages to land, Havoysund is the place of dreams

  2. Nigel

    Hi Sportquest. My group of friends have given me the job of enquiring about a trip to Norway and this looks perfect. We are looking at May June next year can you give me an idea of prices for these two places in Norway?

    We have not been before so we feel like we need some help in organising the whole thing.

    Hopefully you can help us

    1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

      Hello Nigel both destinations in Norway are fantastic I especially like Havoysund. Feel free to email me anytime on and we can talk through the trips as would ideally like to send you some where that would fit your requests.

      Hopefully we will catch up soon

      All the best


    2. John Gorman

      Hi Nigel,I traveled to Havoysund last June with three of my fishing buddies and stayed in one of the cabins we had the best fishing trip ever ,everything was organised for us from flights, cabin, boat ,transfares,some of the cod were more than 30kg one of the group caught a huge Halibut , we did not take anything home it was catch and release for us, I am trying to get them back to Norway but work is holding them up , Sportsquest are the people to travel with, John Gorman.

      1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

        Morning John, thanks for you very kind words. We do aim to please

        Nigel, John could not of said it better Havoysund is an awesome place and I am sure you will love it. Check out some of the feedback we have had on the destination.

        Tight lines John

        All the best


  3. Dan

    Do you provide all tackle? Clothing etc?

    1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

      Hi Dan, yes you can hire all the equipment you will need. They are fully sponsored by a very large tackle supplier so all of the gear is top quality.

      They have very good quality flotation suits to hire.

      If you would like a chat about this destination please feel free to call me on 01603 407596

      All the best, tight lines


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