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Unbelievable Day’s Sea Fishing North Norway


Unbelievable Day’s Sea Fishing North Norway The sea fishing reports from North Norway are flooding in at the moment and the target species is undoubtedly the Halibut.

“Unbelievable Day’s Sea Fishing North Norway”


Yet again it’s our camp simply called Å on the Lofoten Islands that is throwing up lots of Halibut and the size of them is huge. This little report is from just one days fishing from one boat with 2 anglers fishing and the more you read the more you will come to realise that the fishing in Å is fast becoming the best Norway has to offer.

The day was Monday 27thy June 2016 and with two guests in the guide boat they set out early to target the Halibut and try to beat the previous days fishing. So with the first drift set for Halibut it took only a couple of minutes before the first bite from Norway’s hardest fighting fish, the Halibut. After some hard work out they soon had their first fish of the day to the boat. Quickly measured at 121cm and photos taken it was released so they could carry on fishing.


Unbelievable Day's Sea Fishing North Norway

The first Halibut of the day was simply stunning


Literally minutes later the other angler got a pull and they were on again, this time the angler played the fish like a demon and soon had it beaten by the side of the boat this one was 120cm and after a few pictures was released.

“The best lure for Halibut, Crazy Daizy 400gr rigged with a Curly tail”

What a start to the day, but that wasn’t the end for these two lucky anglers. A new fishing mark was found and down went two Crazy Daizy 400gr shads rigged with a curly tail and after a very short period of jigging one of the anglers let out another shout of ‘Fish On’ and another Halibut was reeled in. This one was even bigger than the last two at an impressive 127cm and with the photos taken she soon had her freedom.


Unbelievable Day's Sea Fishing North Norway

Perfectly secured for a quick release

Unbelievable Day's Sea Fishing North Norway

Smile guys, you are famous!


The guide mentioned to the guests that today was going to be one of those days that nothing could go wrong and that they should fish hard as it could well be the best fishing day of their lives.


Unbelievable Day's Sea Fishing North Norway

They just keep coming


So with this in mind back down went the lures to see if there was anything else at home and whack a double hook up. Both anglers had hooked Halibut, which one would be bigger? They soon had these Halibut beaten and with them both tied to the boat ready for pictures the anglers just slumped into their seats with a look of disbelief and the amazing fishing they were experiencing.


Unbelievable Day's Sea Fishing North Norway

Not something you see everyday

Unbelievable Day's Sea Fishing North Norway

What stunning looking Halibut

Unbelievable Day's Sea Fishing North Norway

“A double hook up of Halibut, that doesn’t happen every day”


Now the guide asked them if they fancied going to a new spot to see if they could get one of the monsters to feed and they looked at each other and both said ‘YES PLEASE’

With the new mark found, down went the same shads and they fished hard willing a bigger Halibut to take and after around 1 hour drifting a loud screaming noise came from one of the reels and they were in yet again. This time the guide could see it was a big one and with some great angling and some careful manoeuvring of the boat they had the big one they came for.

“The biggest Halibut of 154cm was saved to last”

The fish was carefully secured to the side of the boat so she could recover whilst they took some cracking pictures and by the looks of things it was a cracker and a massive congratulations to the anglers who fished this day as we are sure that this day will stay with them for a very long time. The Halibut was measured at an impressive 154cm estimated at around 50kg.


Unbelievable Day's Sea Fishing North Norway

The biggest of the day was the last Halibut of the day


After this Halibut the guys were feeling the burn and both decided that they should head back for a well-deserved beer and some relaxation. What would their last days fishing on the stunning Lofoten Islands have in stall for them?


Unbelievable Day's Sea Fishing North Norway

Forgot to mention they also had some cracking Cod


Hopefully we will be getting a similar report at the end of today and will keep you guys informed of the amazing action to be had at our destination simply called Å

If you would like to book up a weeks fishing at one of the best destinations in North Norway simply call me on 01603 407596 because we are currently selling out of 2017 dates and have even taken bookings for 2018. So anything booked over a year in advance we will only require a very small deposit giving you plenty of time to save and pay the rest off.

To view this amazing destination Click Here

Hope you have enjoyed this little snippet report of just one days fishing.

Tight lines

Paul Stevens


  1. Carl

    Thanks for sharing Paul. We are going in 4 weeks time and this really has got us in the mood. I need to speak to you in the next couple of days about some fishing tackle

    1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

      Thats my pleasure Carl, I love my fishing so is very easy to write about it. My passion is sea fishing so I get a real buzz from reading about it if I am not out there doing it

      Quiz me as much as you wish about tackle I will try and answer everything

      All the best


  2. Henrik

    Hi Sportquest, my name is Henrik and we are from Sweden. I have 3 friends who want to go to Norway fishing and want to know if you take booking from outside UK? We can travel ourselves to Norway and meet you at Oslo.

    We would like a weeks Halibut fishing and we have all own tackle

  3. Tommy

    Paul, I am loving the reports keep them coming even though I could not afford it this year I have been saving hard for 2017 and it can not come quick enough.

    keep up the good work and remember me if you get any cancellations

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