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sea trout fishing kau tapen argentina

Updated Fishing Report For Kau Tapen Argentina

Updated Fishing Report For Kau Tapen and this tenth week at Kau Tapen we welcomed a group composed of 2 anglers from UK, 2 from Australia, 3 from Canada, and 4 from U.S.A.

All of them got along very well and enjoyed the fact that they were all from so many different nationalities, sharing experiences, knowledge and stories.

We started the week with very low and clear water, which demanded fine presentation, long leaders, and small flies. It was quite challenging as the fish were spooky due to the low water in the pools and the almost non existent wind. The softer the landing of the fly and the presentation, the more chances we had to get a fish. Despite these challenging conditions, we had some great fishing opportunities and most of our guests did really well and caught a good number of nice fish.

In these conditions we were fishing floating line with intermediate to fast sinking polyleader with nymph, and rubber legs. We found it very effective to cover water and find the fish on the take. Most of the fish are coloured now as the fall and the spawning are coming soon, but we got as well some very nice fresh fish coming up river.

In the middle of the week, heavy rain fell both in the river and up in the mountains. As a consequence, on Tuesday mid afternoon, the water started to rise and it turned coloured. We kept fishing but then the river started carrying too many leaves making the fly hook dirt during the drift. On Wednesday morning the water was already very dirty and much higher in both the Menendez and the Rio Grande, so we decided to give it a try. However, it was too difficult as the visibility was close to cero.

The next day, the water started to drop and clear little by little and we got the chance to catch some nice fish but then the water rose again and got more coloured, which made the following 2 days very tough to fish.

During those days in which the water was dirty and high, we took the opportunity to teach our clients new tricks and to give them some casting tuitions that would make them improve their casting. They were all very happy and receptive. Then Pelle, our guide, tied some flies for them. It was a great chance to get guides and clients talk and share experiences.

At the end of the week, when we were enjoying the tapas night, two of our guests gave a very nice speech about their experience in the Rio Grande. They were very thankful to the guide’s team for the effort done to put our guests on to fish and also for teaching them casting techniques and helping them improve their skills.

It was on the last day, when the water had already cleared and the fishing improved, that William D. landed the biggest fish of the week: a beautiful 22 pounder, pretty fresh sea trout that showed great fighting skills! It was caught on a black and chartreuse leech presented on a Sinking 4 shooting head!

We had full moon on Saturday March 19th and it was one of the highest tides in the last 18 years, which will bring a good amount of fresh fish into the river and with the water level we have now, they will be up here very soon!

We are looking forward to have you here at Kau Tapen.


Some numbers:

66 fish caught hooked 93!

Average fish per rod: 1,00

11 fish above 15 pounds

3 fish above 20 pounds.

Biggest fish: 22 pounds

Biggest fish of the week was caught by Willam D.from U.K.

Top rod: Nathan D. as well from UK.

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Updated Fishing Report For Kau Tapen

Updated Fishing Report For Kau Tapen

Updated Fishing Report For Kau Tapen

Updated Fishing Report For Kau Tapen

Updated Fishing Report For Kau Tapen

Updated Fishing Report For Kau Tapen

Updated Fishing Report For Kau Tapen

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