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Villa maria sea trout fishing report playing a sea trout

Fishing Report From Villa Maria Argentina

Updated Fishing Report From Villa Maria and this week we had a cosmopolitan group at Villa Maria, 7 guests from all over the world: Timo, Mike and Hans from Sweden, John and Peter from UK, Pat from Australia and Karl from Germany. They got along very well despite their different nationalities and they had a great time during their stay at the lodge. They enjoyed our excellent food, service and hospitality.

The fishing was very good during the first 4 days of the week. Unfortunately the river rose and got muddy during Wednesday night and the last 2 days we were unable to fish. The weather was very nice, sunny and not too windy. And the river was very low and clear at the beginning of the week. We caught 52 fish and hooked 64. The average fish p/day p/person was 1,9. This ratio was better than last week and also better than same week last year. The average weight was also better with 11 pounds for the week. Although we are still catching silver and fresh fish, we started to catch more colored fish which means that the fall is coming and the fish are preparing to spawn.

A special mention to Pat B. (81 years old), who caught the biggest fish of the week, a beautiful 26 pounds fresh and fat hen seatrout. It was the biggest fish he had ever caught on a fly too. Congratulations Pat!

Now we have full moon, fresh water in the river and very high tides in the sea (the highest in the last 18 years), all this means that we will have a good run of fresh fish coming into the river this week!!

River Conditions: The river was very low and clear during the first part of the week. Then it rose about 12 inches and got muddy, which was very good as the river had been too low. Today, Friday 18, the river is dropping and clearing up. The water temperature was good, ranging the 9 to 11 degree Celsius.

Fishing Techniques and flies: We fished with Skaggit lines with type 3 and type 8 tips, fishing the traditional swing. In what comes to flies, we used mostly small rubber legs, green machines, small nymphs, tube flies and leeches late in the evening. We also used different sort of tubes flies.


We caught 52 fish and hooked 64 during the week.

Average fish per rod: 1,9 fish p/rod p/day.

The average weight was 11 pounds.

We caught 6 fish over 15 lbs and 8 fish over 20 lbs during the week.

Biggest fish of the week was 26 pounder caught by Pat Butler.

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Updated Fishing Report From Villa Maria

Updated Fishing Report From Villa Maria

Updated Fishing Report From Villa Maria

Updated Fishing Report From Villa Maria

Updated Fishing Report From Villa Maria


  1. Steve Irons

    Found you guys on the fly fishing forums, how long have you been going?

  2. Administrator

    Thanks Steve, we have only just joined to give more information to travelling anglers like you. We have been running now for 6 years, just growing and getting stronger each year. Why not come visit us at any of our shops or at this years CLA show. Come have a chat with some free drinks. Will be good to see you. Regards Peter

  3. Chris Boyel

    Looks like you are all having a great season, wish I could of fitted it in this year… nevermind may be next year. Look forward to the end of season results. Chris

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