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Sea Trout fly fishing Argentina at Villa Maria

Villa Maria Fishing Report Week 2

Villa Maria Fishing Report Week 2 and for our second week of the season, the weather returned to “normal” and the 60mph gales from the week before faded to more manageable 20 to 40mph winds.

The river conditions have improved dramatically. River levels remain low and the water is very clear, which means we’ve had to carefully consider our approach to each pool before jumping in. Across the week we were forced to change from heavy sinking lines to intermediate tips at times even in the same pool due to some very bright and quite days.

The fish are starting to run in good numbers and signs of the great migration are evident in the lower pools. In those sections we’re seeing steady streams of mint sea-runs moving in. And the average size has been good with several explosive double-digit fish caught this week.

Last week we used ultra-fast sinking tips and big streamers, this week we used mostly light lines, including intermediates rigged with unweight flies like the always-deadly prince nymph and small rubberlegs patterns. Of course, streamers and leech patterns are still a must when the sun starts to set.

Largest fish of the week: 18 pounds

Fish over 15 pounds: 9

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