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Sea Trout Fishing Report Villa Maria

Sea Trout Fishing Report Villa Maria Jan

Sea Trout Fishing Report Villa Maria and this fourth week at Villa Maria lodge, we welcomed a friendly group of six anglers from, which was their seventh year returning to Villa Maria. They finished the week with a very good number of fish despite the “strange” weather conditions experienced during the week.

Fishing was particularly difficult the first three days of the week, due to high temperatures in the water because of the air temperatures reaching almost 21 degrees Celsius!!! Therefore it was no surprise that the best fishing was in the evenings that provided good opportunities to catch fish, as the water temperature got cooler. The best fishing conditions was later in the week when the temperature dropped down to about 11 degrees Celsius. The low temperature in the air, combined with the high temperature in the water, was ideal for sea trout and therefore all the customers had a really exciting fishing experience.

You never stop learning for over the last nine years we have seen different situations and weather conditions in both rivers before, but we have never seen anything like last week: plenty of fish moving in the dozens of pools of Villa Maria`s waters even at high temperatures, and not taking the fly! These situations make you appreciate sea trout fishing and it reassures you that fishing will always surprise you and teach you something every year.

Fishing this week was mainly with floating lines rigged with intermediate to fast sinking tips. Nymphs and buggers as main flies but also started using some tube flies during the daytime especially the sunrise shadow or collie dog fly, which work very well in clear water. Sometimes the takes were very gentle with the fish just nibbling the fly and then grabbing it. So no striking, just patience, to let the fish take it properly to make a good hook-up.

Finally, we would like to thank our customers for being persistent in keeping the mood high, landing 74 sea trout on days when conditions improved. Our guides did a great job finding fish by changing pools and rigging all the time to suit the conditions and catch fish.

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