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Fishing Report Madeira

Wahoo Season Fishing Report Madeira

Fishing Report Madeira The Wahoo season is fast approaching and if it turns out to be as good as the Marlin fishing this year in Madeira, then we are set to have a great couple of months. So if you want a short break this autumn then look no further than Madeira

Madeira for many years has been the go to place in Europe for monster Blue Marlin and this year has been one of the best on record. With fish recorded to 850lb’s and bigger ones lost you may be wondering why travel else where. Well the simply answer is that if you are after catching many Marlin then there are much better places in the world but if you want to target a huge Blue and have not got the time to travel to these exotic destinations then Madeira is for you.

Now on to the Wahoo season, which starts 1st October, if you have not heard a lot about Wahoo then let me simply say they are the Cheetahs of the Sea. Pound for pound they are the hardest and fastest fighting fish in the Ocean. They troll for these at a great rate of speed and when they hit it is like you are attached to another boat going full steam in the opposite direction
This trip can be tailor made to fit around you and your work life. You can fit this trip in around a weekend meaning hardly anytime off work is needed or why not spend a week over there, it is entirely up to you. The fishing can also be either one day’s fishing or as many as you wish.

So if you have a spare couple of days and at a lose end then let us send you on a trip that will leave you with some fantastic memories and aching arms.

We have some great dates available with some of the best skippers in Madeira staying in a luxury hotel accommodation so simply call us and you maybe doing battle with hard fighting fish in stunning surroundings, beautiful sunshine whilst every one back in the UK are freezing cold……

To view this amazing Wahoo destination Click Here

Look forward to hearing from you

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Paul Stevens



  1. John Froud

    Fished this last year and had a great time, first day was slow with just one take and lost fish, however the next day fishing the same marks was non stop action with 6 fish landed. Have a go its worth the short trip.

    1. Paul Stevens Sportquest

      Hi John, we haven’t spoke for ages. How are you? The last time we spoke you had just got back from Madeira. Will have to have a catch up soon and i am still waiting for your pictures……

      Look forward to speaking with you

      All the best


  2. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

    I can remember fishing out there with Matt Hayes making the TV program for Discovery Channel like it was yesterday. They still show it now.
    We had so many Wahoo it was a great trip.

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