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We Just Love Shooting Reports Like This

We Just Love Shooting Reports Like This as it makes us feel like we are offering the best out there. This lodge is one of the best you are likely to visit and we pride ourselves in offering this to you as a complete package. I will hand you over to one of our returning customers for his kind report:

Hi Peter

I would just like to say how impressed I was with my hunting experience at Los Crestones Great lodge, great people, and as someone who is eternally fussy about a high quality duck hunt, the entire field “package” at Los Crestones was very well done. Good blinds that covered us up, great decoys spread in the right places, and good calling by the guides.

The dog that was with us each day was excellent as well. A tiny Labrador named Emma, she was not sent after every duck that died in the spread, but rather, handled clean up duties, or was sent after “hot” cripples. It was fun to watch her work.

So you can imagine my surprise when I saw Emma running through the decoys in the middle of a terrific duck hunt, with some sort of contraption on her back. I didn’t know if it was some “Argentine McGiver” version of an electric collar, or of the dog was on a portable kidney machine or what was going on. Of course, not being the young, media savvy type, I didn’t recognize the unit as a Go Pro camera. I thought those things were just for skydivers, base jumpers, and other can’t-buy-life-insurance, risk takers sponsored by Red Bull. I didn’t know you could run a camera on your dog

You should go to Los Crestones You’ll shoot a lot of ducks, plus other stuff like doves and perdiz. And, if you want to see yourself in the movies, I’ll bet if you put some bacon in your coat pockets, the dog will make sure you get on camera! Thanks guys and I will be telling all my shooting buddies about this great lodge and I am sure you will be hearing from me next year

Kind Regards

If you would like us to organize a stay at this magnificent lodge then please feel free to call us on 01603 407596 and we can give you a shoot of a life time.

A hide for the shooters We Just Love Shooting Reports Like This
We Just Love Shooting Reports Like This with a dog with a camera on it
the stunning hunting dogs We Just Love Shooting Reports Like This
Real bird next to decoy We Just Love Shooting Reports Like This

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