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New Fishing Report For The Kau Tapen Lodge

New Fishing Report For The Kau Tapen Lodge and this is the eighth week at Kau Tapen we welcomed a group of new faces and only one angler that had already been to our lodge many times before: Giovanni. He told us great stories about some of the pools in the Rio Grande which had been named after Italian friends of his who had come to Kau Tapen in the past, such us Roberto and Gianmario.

Five of the anglers this week were Russians, 2 Americans, 1 from New Zealand, 1 from United Kingdom and 1 Italian.

All these lucky anglers were responsible for breaking many records of 2011 season. This week was the best in many ways:

– The best week in number of catches, landing 197 fish and with 247 fish hooked.

– The best in average fish per rod per day, with 3,2 fish.

– The biggest fish of the season was also caught this week, being a beautiful 26 pounder very bright just coming from the sea (caught by Marc from U.S.A)

– The best day of the season with 62 fish landed and 83 fish hooked!

The weather was quite nice and not too windy. The water temperature was around 10 °C in average and the fish were on the take.

Our guests were delighted with the action that this week in the Rio Grande was saving for them.

Right now, there are a lot of fish in the river as they are coming up and holding in the pools to get ready to spawn. On Tuesday, we proved that there are fish showing and moving all over the place. It was really exciting (for the guides as well), to find ourselves netting so many fish!

Apart from the fantastic fishing, we were also able to enjoy a great atmosphere at the lodge as our guests got along perfectly well and had lots of fun exchanging stories, laughing and talking as old friends and despite the fact that each of them came from such different cultures.

We fished mostly floating line with intermediate tips and sometimes slow sinking tips. The best flies of the week were the Green machine and the prince nymph even if we got fish on Collie Dogs, rubber legs, and others patterns.

Both our guests and Kau Tapen staff were extremely grateful with the great time that we all had. It’s very rewarding to read their comments in the forms that they filled in before leaving the lodge saying how much they enjoyed their week and remarking the high quality of the service and attention provided by all Kau Tapen staff and guides.

Thanks for another great week!


In terms of numbers:

197 fish caught hooked 247!

Average fish per rod: 3,20

17 fish above 15 pounds

4 fish above 20 pounds.

Biggest fish: 26 pounds

Biggest fish of the week was caught by Marc

Top rod: Dmitry with 35 fish.




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