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Norway Fishing Report

Big Fish Soroya Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report Guided Trip To The Land Of The Big Fish, Soroya Norway Continued

Norway Fishing Report Week 2

If you are a follower of our Norway Fishing Report, you will realise this is part two of my guided week to the Island of Soroya, Northern Norway 2013

With week 1 done and all my customers on their way home, it was time to have a clean up and prepare for the second group and finish off my previous Norway Fishing Report. I started with making sure all the cabins had clean sheets and towels then down to the boats to make sure they were cleaned and fuelled up ready for the next days action.

Also on my list was to re-tie all my leaders, check all knots and repair my shads ready to be on the water the next day. On the Hand over day I get around 10hrs to relax and catch up on some very needed sleep before the customers turn up at around 7pm.

Before I knew it, it was 7pm and with one eye on the road waiting for the bus to turn up I had a quick beer with the rest of the Norwegian guides and talked about the up and coming week. The bus was a little late getting to the camp due to the amount of snow we had had, around 6ft in the first week.

Once the coach had arrived and all the new guys were greeted, I showed them to their cabins for their weeks stay. I then left them to unpack and grab a well-deserved cuppa before arranging to meet them in the bar for the induction talk.

Now this group of guys were very keen to get started, as they have been away to lots of different destinations all round the world, some of them with me and some on their own.

I shall introduce you to all the guys that made this week one never to forget, giving me lots of laughs along the way. I will start with Cabin 2, Andrew, Stephen, Colin and Giles then in my cabin I had Nick, Richard, Andrew and Andrei. All in all a great bunch of guys

This next bit might be a bit confusing, as my Norway Fishing Report will start on the customers third day.

Norway Fishing Report Day 3 (Thursday 4th April 2013)

With everybody a little tired from yesterdays traveling, we decided to get up a little late and was due to get on the water by 8am, but at around 6am i received a call from the head guide with some bad news about the weather! Not again I said, they had said that the winds were too strong to go out today but were looking very good for the following day. Once I had broke the bad news to the guys, every body decided to pop to the local shop and get their supplies for the following week and i sat down to make a start on my Norway Fishing Report.

When they had returned from the super market I sat every body down and showed how to set up the rods and gave them a very quick lesson on how to fish for these types of Cod. The fishing is very different for these huge Cod to your typical Norwegian fishing, as i have explained in recent Norway Fishing Report. When we are over the fish, I will shout out certain depths and it is very important to fish at exactly the depth I shout. If you are 5mtrs deeper you will only catch the smaller cod, fish between 10 – 15kilo!!, Once you are at the right depth then just move the rod up and down a foot at a time, if no luck try dropping the shad a couple of meters then reel up a couple of meters. Once the guys had the idea I showed them round the harbour and showed them areas worth fishing from the harbour for Dabs and Plaice

At around 8pm I received a call again from our Norwegian guide informing me that we were going fishing tomorrow. So with this great news, I quickly ran round the other cabin and filled them with the great news, which bought smiles to all their faces. So with a time planned it was off to bed to think about what tomorrow would offer.

Norway Fishing Report Day 4 (Friday 5th April 2013)

Every body was up bright and early today and down by the boats early shovelling the snow out of the boats. Once every body had suited up we were off to see what we could catch. When we got to the fishing grounds things were looking good, I had spotted some very large fish and gave my normal depth shout out and the guys were straight on it. Down three shads went to around 45mtrs, it didn’t take long and the first 20kilo Cod came to the boat. For these new guys it was amazing for them to see such a big fish, we soon had it carefully lifted in to the boat for weighing and pictures then it was safely returned. The first fish was 23kilo, which broke the new guys in nicely and made for a good start to this Norway Fishing Report

We carried on the morning as it had started, with fish after fish over 20kilo, they just couldn’t believe it. I love this place and love guiding guys here, as I know every fish they catch is massive compared to what they have previously seen in the UK.

After around 5hrs of fishing, we had a little bad news come over the radio that all boats had to come in to the harbour in 1 hour as there was a storm coming. So once I had told the guys we shot in to the safety of the harbour, I think they were a little relieved as their arms were aching and in need of a good hot drink.

Once all the boats had returned I went round to the other guys cabins checking to see if they were getting on ok. Every body seemed very content with the days fishing, with many big fish caught and lots of great pictures taken for my Norway Fishing Report.

This week seemed to be fishing better than the previous week, when it came to the bigger fish; just in boat we had 12 Cod over 20kilo up to a massive 27kilo

2 Boats 8 Anglers

Fish Total 16 Cod Over 20 Kilo

Lots of fish between 10 Kilo and 20 Kilo, too many to count

Norway Fishing Report Day 5 (Saturday 6th April 2013)

After receiving my daily weather forecast, it was good news; we could fish again for most of the day. So it was on the water for 5am so we could get a good day in. I had a quick chat with our Norwegian guide and had decided to split up a little today and try two different areas and to keep in touch and inform each other if the fishing was good. So off we all went, I dropped a lot further down the island today, nearer to the long liners as I believe that the long lines attract the bigger fish, as there is a string of hooks all with small cod on it waiting for the massive Cod to eat, a nice easy meal for them. So once I had located the lines I set the boat up for our first drift of this part of the Norway Fishing Report

It didn’t take long and all the guys were in. I went round helping all the guys to get their fish in the boat and was shocked at what I saw, three fish all over 20 kilo waiting for me to get them in the boat. Andrew had one of 23kilo Richard had one of 25 kilo and Nick had the biggest of 27kilo……… I couldn’t believe it myself but you will see from the picture below that they were so pleased

I was soon on the radio to the other boat informing them of the crazy fishing we were experiencing and they them selves were doing well, catching lots of very good sized cod around the 20kilo mark.

The drift I had set the boat up on was one of the best I had experienced, the shoal just seemed to go on for ever, in fact in 6 hours of fishing I moved the boat once and that was just to move back to my original position and do the drift again

The big fish just seemed to keep coming this day, with fish around the 20kilo mark being boated time and time again. I could see the guys were getting a little tired as the breaks between the fish were getting longer and longer which gave me a little time to get in on the action. Even I managed a couple of fish today both being 20kilo Cod my first was 24.5kilo and my second was 26kilo, that will do me!!! and made for some cracking images for this Norway Fishing Report

At around 2pm the guys decided to head back in for some well deserved rest and a hot drink. It was a good job because half an hour after we had got in, a huge storm hit us and forced all the other boats to retreat back to the Harbour, which to be honest I think they were all very happy with the days fishing. After dinner and a few drinks I could see the guys falling asleep so I headed for my sack to get a good sleep ready for our adventures tomorrow.

2 Boats 8 Anglers

Fish Total 12 Cod Over 20kilo

Lots of fish between 10 Kilo and 20 Kilo, too many to count

Norway Fishing Report Day 6 (Sunday 7th April 2013)

After yesterdays fishing, we all woke up with sore arms and aching backs so we decided to start at around 8am. So on the water at 8 it was. After our normal bacon sandwiches and coffee we were all set for the days fishing, as usual the guys from Liverpool were already waiting down on the boat, always early but I guess that just goes to show how keen these guys are.

The other guides and I had a quick chat and decided to fish the grounds where I was catching all the big ones yesterday, so after a quick 30minute steam we were in tick over looking for the fish. It doesn’t take long to find the shoals but does take a little while to pick the better fish out. Once I had found some bigger Cod it was back to business

‘Big fish at 30mtrs”’ was the order and before I knew it the guys had dropped in and were fishing. In fact a couple of them got nailed at around 20mtrs by some very good Cod, then to my surprise, I looked at the fish finder and the fish were really on the feed today and pushed up in the water all the way to 15mtrs below the surface!! I really like it when the fish do this as it shows they really are on the feed and it’s normally when the very large Cod come out and play.

It wasn’t long before we started to see the 20kilo Cod make an appearance, first was Nick with a lovely long fish around the 23kilo mark then as soon as he released this fish Andrew was in, now this looked like a better fish, the way it was taking line. After a good battle, up popped a very good Cod that was quickly lifted in to the boat. Once weighed, 25kilo, and the pictures taken we quickly released her so he could get back down for another. Now Andrew earned himself a nick name between us, he was known as the ‘long liner’ as he just didn’t seem to stop catching fish, I am sure sometimes his shad was on the way back down to catch another even before he had released the previous one…

The day carried on as it had started with many big Cod being caught and lost, I wont mention the one Nick lost!!!! It was big that’s all I will say

2 Boats 8 Anglers

Fish Total 16 Cod over 20kilo up to 27.5kilo

So many fish between 10 and 20 kilo to count

Norway Fishing Report Day 7 (Monday 8th April 2013)

The day didn’t start off very well, as I received a weather report informing me of possibly another lost day due to strong winds. I broke the news to the guys and we all decided to stick close to the harbour today for some light rod fun for dabs and Plaice. A couple guys decided they would stay behind today to rest and take a walk around the village to take some pictures of the stunning scenery.

After a couple of hours messing about on the light rods every body had enough and decided to head in for lunch and a chill out.

Last days fishing tomorrow and it was looking like the weather was going to finally break for us. With 2 – 3ms winds forecast and sunshine all day we were all very keen to get an early night ready for tomorrow’s action

Norway Fishing Report Day 8 (Tuesday 9th April 2013)

We were all up nice and early today hoping that one of those 30kilo fish would grace a boat. Once every body was on the boats there was lots of banter going back and fourth and some one decided to suggest a small wager on the biggest fish between our two boats, I believe it was £10 each and the biggest fish takes the lot.

So with this in mind, I quickly started the engines and set off to the fishing grounds as quick as I could. I tried an area away from the other boats that had done the goods for me the other day and the fish were still there. As soon as the big fish started showing up I gave my call and the lads dropped in. it wasn’t long before I was on the radio to the other lads informing them off how good our fishing was, with in 1 hour of fishing we had boated 6 fish over 20 kilos with the biggest being 24 kilo, the other boat didn’t respond so I had assumed their fishing wasn’t as good. The fishing carried on like this for a while with what seemed to be 20-kilo fish after 20-kilo fish but we couldn’t push the fish passed the earlier 24-kilo Cod. Then out of the blue the other boat called a 27.5kilo fish!!! Were we to believe them?? Then the guide came over the radio and confirmed it. With only a couple of hours left the guys tried their hardest to beat him but unfortunately they just couldn’t raise those bigger Cod. So with time ticking away I had to call the day over as we had to get the boats back to clean them and refuel ready for the next set of guys.

With the boats cleaned and fuelled and all the flotation suits handed back it was time to pack our entire luggage ready for the next days travel back to the UK.

On Tuesday nights at this camp, there is a farewell dinner that normally consists of all you can eat grub with a beer for around 200 nok and boy was this needed.

After this it was back to the cabins for an early night as it was an early start, 5am, to get home tomorrow.

2 Boats 8 Anglers

Fish Total 14 Cod over 20kilo up to 27.5kilo

Norway Fishing Report Day 9 (Wednesday 10th April 2013)

At around 4am my phone alarm sounded and I couldn’t believe that it was time to head home. I had been here for 16 days and seen hundreds of Cod and now it was time to head back to reality. I quickly woke all the guys with a cup of coffee and made sure every body had packed everything not forgetting anything. Then it was time to meet the coach for our journey home

Now this journey makes a lot of the guys very nervous, but I am use to it. There is a lot of snow and ice on the roads, which would make any English person nervous, but I have every confidence in our coach driver as he drives on this surface every day and is very normal for him. I think the best thing to do in this situation, if you are a nervous passenger, is to just look out the side windows!!!

I suppose I should wrap this up now as you must be getting bored by now…!! I just want to say a big thank you to all the guys that joined me this year and hope I made all your dreams come true and helped you smash all your PB’s

I also would like to take a minute to thank all the staff and guides at the camp for making this a special trip that all that attended will never forget.

Well until next year, I hope you have enjoyed reading this and I really hope to see you on one of my trips soon

Tight Lines

Paul Stevens

Sportquest Holidays Guide

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