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Fishing Report Norway

Crazy Sandbakken Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report Well the miserable rough weather from yesterday had blown itself out over night and we were greeted with a flat calm fjord and bright sunshine! What a view to wake up to! On the water by nine o clock we arrived ready for the first drift about half past, setting up the drift in the same area that had produced some nice Cod yesterday.

First drop down and we were all in to some nice Codling, the second and third drops produced something a little bit special, as Graham ‘ Rocky’ Ellis landed yet another PB, a cracking Coalfish of just over 20lb. To start with he thought he had hooked the bottom, until ‘the bottom’ started to power away! Guide Paul Stevens also was into a Coalfish, again after a great fight in the deep water, another fish over the 20lb mark was brought to the boat.

From the same mark we also landed numerous Cod to around 15lb and some nice Wolfish (if there is such a thing!) we fished hard, only stopping for a bit of lunch. As the drift eased, so did the action, so we decided to try a mark, which was an old favourite. Fishing a sheltered bay to one side of a road bridge, the spot had always produced a few fish for us, especially some nice Halibut! The plan was to drift some large deadbaits on the bottom, these rods would be acting as ‘sleeper’ rods, while we pirked away as normal.

After the first hour, the pirking rods had landed lots of small Haddock, and I had also hooked and lost a nice fish, which I am convinced, was a big Halibut. However the deadbait rods had stayed motionless, this was until Paul’s whole Haddock deadbait was snaffled, giving the fish plenty of time to take the bait, he lifted the rod to connect with the fish only to find it had already thrown the hooks. About half hour later the same deadbait rod was off again, but again the fish managed to avoid capture!

We fished on to around six o clock, with the plan being to head back home at half past, this plan was soon changed though, when guide Paul’s pirk was absolutely hammered by another cracking Coalfish, again the fish weighed in at over 20lb, this time topping the scales at a very pleasing 24lb. The fish finder was alive with fish, so we decided to fish on for another hour; it proved to be an excellent idea, as within five minutes we were all hooked into some more nice Cod. Next drop down and Paul Rawding landed the fourth fish of the day over 20lb, another beautiful Coalie which put up an excellent account of its self on his 20lb class boat rod. Norway Fishing Report

As we decided it was about time to head home there were smiles and handshakes all round, everyone was well chuffed with the days sport and were looking forward to some nice food and a couple of beers to celebrate!

What a difference a day makes indeed… fingers crossed for another good day tomorrow, it’s the last day before the customers fly home and before Paul and me head to the new destinations. We plan to be up and out early tomorrow, so probably best I get some sleep!

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Cheers Chris


  1. The Boss

    Wow glad to see you boys and the customers are having such a great time, oh and i am loving the comments left by familiy members. Glad to see the weather has improved for you all. Have a fantastic last day and go out with a bang. Regards The Boss Peter

  2. Sea Angler

    Very nice indeed

  3. JB

    Thats about right – what a minger!;) no sign of you eating any of your catch?!Do you throw them all back?

  4. Bigsis

    Wow they whoopers!

  5. John Moore

    great catch give us more info please

  6. Chris Administrator

    Thanks for all the kind comments! What info do you want John…?! You can always give us a call and speak to someone in the office. Phone number is 01603 407596.

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