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Norway Fishing Report

A Different Day Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report well what a difference a day makes! We awoke today with strong winds, snow, mist, cold temperatures and a scruffy sea! It certainly didnt inspire everyone with confidence. The plan was to head to the shop, pick up some more supplies then see what the weather was doing…

I was one of the lucky one’s who managed to avoid going to the shop, and got a much needed lay in! I think I needed the sleep, my spelling and attention to detail on the blog hasn’t been up to scratch! 😉

Anyway when everyone arrived back from the shop we put the food and drink away and decided what to do… the general feeling was to wait, have some lunch and see how things were looking in an hour or two’s time. After some fantastic Sausage sandwiches! (cheers Rocky) and a few cups of tea, the plan was to head out around half four. (which I happy with, means i got to watch the grand national!) Out on the water at quarter to five, the weather and sea state had eased a little, but just to be on the safe side we opted to fish closer to the lodge, in some shallow bays again. Norway Fishing Report

To cut a long story short we fished for around three hours for little reward, we managed a few small Cod but nothing to write home about… As the snow fall turned into a blizzard we decided to head for home, the cracking Fajita’s which Paul had cooked up were too tempting.

Even though we struggled today, we all sit here with full stomachs, a few beers and spirits on the go tying a few rigs, happy and content! Knowing we can get up and do it all again tommorrow…

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Until next time, tight lines




  1. Young Tom's Mum

    We’ve got the chips on – just waiting for the fish!!!! looks cold – Hope you can get out fishing tomorrow!!

  2. 'Er Indoors

    Great blog and looks like some good fishing. Glad Paul is feeding you all – those of us left at home are making do with beans on toast! Hopefully better weather for you for the remainder of the trip (you don’t want to know that its over 20 degrees here!)

  3. Tom's favourite aunty

    You look as if you are having a wonderful time. Hope the snow doesn’t scupper the fishing. It’s boiling here. Have a great time.

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