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Mexico Fishing Report

Where To Go Big Game Fishing Report

Where To Go Big Game Fishing Report Hi to all our Big Game enthusiasts, each week we will be bringing you up to date reports and blogs from various different Big Game destinations around the World just so you get a feel of what’s going on from one place to the next.

I believe that when you are planning such a trip then research is key, that’s why we try to give you the best reports and most up to date blogs and reviews. If you are still unsure when and where you should head then why not pick the phone up and speak to me, as I run the Big Game section and have travelled to many different destination on my personal holidays. I can help you in which destination will fit your targets and budget and will give you my personal opinion on what I think is right for you.

You can call me directly on +44 (0) 1603 407596

Below you will find a report from Mexico sent to us for all of our followers to read. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful and look forward to hearing from you

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Tight Lines

Paul Stevens

Mexico Report

January 18th to 24th 2014

BILLFISH: Fishing was really good in Mexico this week and although striped marlin catches edged out the other species as the most likely catch, sheer numbers of tuna beat them by far. This made for great fishing because not only did close to half the boats catch marlin, they could also load up on tuna and even Dorado which made a brief comeback. No doubt about who took top honours for striped Marlin; Pisces C Rod caught and released eight in one day for Nate, Kevin & James on January 19th at Golden Gate, these same guys also released four marlin the previous day on the same boat. Other boats caught one to three marlins in the 100 to 160 lb. class. The marlin took live mackerel or frozen ballyhoo and were caught on the Pacific with the Golden Gate area the most productive. Forty eight per cent of our charters managed to hook striped marlin. Jamie, brought the family for a fishing trip and ended up being the only anglers to catch & release a sailfish a little closer at Migrino aboard Pisces La Brisa. Our total billfish catch this week was 66 marlin and 1 sailfish released.

OTHER SPECIES: It is interesting to see how many large sharks are being caught. For several years shark catches dropped dramatically but they are making a comeback as we can note in recent catches such as a 100lb Thresher Shark aboard Tracy Ann, a 135lb’er aboard Fearless, as well as a 145lb’s hammerhead on a panga and an 80lb. Mako aboard Petrolero.

These catches are considered special. Yellow fin tuna catches were great this week with the average catch being twenty two fish per boat with some, such as Tracy Ann catching as many as 40 in a day; of course many were released to stay within the quotas. The best spot for tuna was San Jaime on the Pacific with cedar plugs the standard catch method – weights were seldom over 20lb’s.; lots of fun on light tackle

Forty per cent of Pisces boats caught tuna this week giving us a total of 550 fish. After three weeks of declining, Dorado catches bounced back for a couple of days and boats were able to catch between one and fourteen in a day – top boat was La Brisa with the Price family. Weights ranged from 10 to 30lb’s. with Migrino one of the better locations to find them. Thirty two per cent of our boats caught Dorado giving us a total catch of 98 fish. A combination of green coloured lures and live bait worked for Dorado. Pisces Bill Collector a fabulous day on January 23rd with a striped marlin released, twenty five tuna and the highlight of the day an 85lb Wahoo that took a feather intended for tuna – great day for Mark and friends.

WEATHER: Amazing, clear skies, mostly flat seas, warm days and nights.

LOCATION: Golden Gate, San Jaime, Migrino, Lighthouse. AVERAGE WATER TEMP: 73 F
BEST LURES: Live mackerel, ballyhoo, cedar plugs, green coloured lures.

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