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With the Spanish sunshine becoming ever more alluring giving you the purest Azure skies, sensational al fresco dining and harmonious flow of Rioja Spain really knows how to impress. Shooting holidays Spain is becoming ever more popular due to its low logistical worries in a civilised and professional manner and lets face it, warmer climates. The wonderful additional shooting at the end of the season means no end of season blues as you can prolong your shooting encounters during the longer and warmer days of the Spanish heat. Spain offers prolific amounts of red-legged Partridge, at the most exquisite estates, only the finest accommodation and guaranteed to give you only the best in hospitality. Not only does Spain offer the feathered kind of quarry but that of considerable hunting opportunities too. Monterias (Driven Hunt) is the oldest and most traditional type of Spanish hunting and species usually include four types of Ibex, Pyrenean Chamois, Mouflon, Barbary Sheep, Red deer, Fallow, Roe and Wild Boar.

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We will ensure your trip to Spain will be that of pure delight. Enjoy the warm sun and hassle-free travel time whilst being catered for in the best way possible. You will have the opportunity to shoot Monterias (Driven hunt) for larger species of Ibex and Deer and driven red-legged partridge, of which is in abundance and widely spread throughout the exclusive shooting estates. The opportunity to shoot other species such as Pigeons and Doves in some areas during walked-up days is possible and something to add variety to your holiday. A wonderful advantage of this destination is the additional activities such as guided tours, spa treatments and shopping trips for the non-hunters and hunters themselves to really fulfil your time in Spain.

Why pick a Palacio Conde de Zanoni Shooting holidays Spain?

One of our popular Partridge shooting destinations in Spain is Palacio Conde de Zanoni. The Palacio Conde de Zanoni proves itself to be one of the most luxurious hotels in Spain. Sat within the resplendent hills of a small town called Hueva in Guadalajara, it oozes sumptuousness.  At just a stone’s throw away from the accommodation is the renowned estate. With a truly experienced host to greet you upon arrival, Iñigo and his team are dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of Partridge shooting in Spain and to cater to your every need.

You will enjoy many intriguing drives which will spoil you with bountiful amounts of explosive coveys, bursting through the copses and valleys and firing themselves into the open making for the perfect challenging targets. You’ll find this estate an utter treat with its offerings of diverse topography and varied styles of Partridge.

Why pick a Cenicietos Lodge Shooting holidays Spain?

If you want magnificent grounds which include a variety of undulating areas where the red-legged partridge thrive and fly effortlessly then Cenicientos is the ideal location for you. A number of copses interlude the sweeping hills and valleys to make for the perfect area for intermittent flushes of birds at all angles. The red-legged Spanish partridge will continue to amaze you with spectacular acts of flight through the hills and ravines which run through this fertile topography. An abundance of quality shooting will be available with the strongest of the quarry being driven over you for the ultimate game shooting experience.

Why pick a El Despeñadero Lodge Shooting holidays Spain?

Lastly, we have El Despeñadero Lodge. The words “tradition & excellence“ are what will truly reflect your visit to El Despeñadero. With more than 30 years of collective experience including valuable customer feedback and 40 years of history, El Despeñadero is dedicated to the Spanish Red Partridge shooting. All this history means El Despeñadero remains at the top of the list for many national and international experienced hunters, this estate is a must-visit for any Partridge shooting enthusiast. At just a mere 60 minute drive from the airport and close to the area of La Mancha, Toledo you will be utterly spoilt with the generous 2000 hectares of undulating topography including olive groves, forests and farmlands. The deep ravines offer a sensational presentation of quality Red-Legged Partridges guaranteed to give you the most memorable shooting experience whilst getting those juices flowing.

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For those of you who want to get a look into the action that can be expected from one of our world-class shooting holidays, take a look at the dedicated shooting playlist that can be found on our Youtube channel here. You can also view all of our shooting destinations here on our website.

For more information about our shooting holidays in Spain, contact our experienced team who will be happy to answer any queries you have.


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