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Species Spotlight: Mirror Carp

Species Spotlight: Mirror Carp

Name: Mirror Carp

Also known as: Scaleys, Mirrors

Scientific name:  Cyprinus carpio

Description: The difference between this fish and their wild ancestors, the Common Carp, is both genetic and visual. The Mirror Carp was the first genetic mutation of Common Carp. Common Carp have a regular scale pattern with even-sized scales on the body, whereas mirrors have irregular often erratic scaling, making many fish unique and easy to identify individual fish by sight. This means that most Mirror Carp in the UK over 40 lb are now being named by anglers.

Average size: The average you will catch really depends on the water you are fishing, the average could range from 5lb to double figures depending on the stock of fish in the waters.

Where to catch: This species are found on every continent in fresh and brackish waters. The place we would recommend you travelling to to catch these scaley beasts is River Ebro Spain. Other well known areas to catch Mirror Carp include France, Croatia and South Africa. There are many UK waters stocked with mirror Carp the most famous being Linear Lakes and Redmire Pool.

Fishing methods: By a fair way the most popular method used for Carp fishing is ledgering with one of the thousands of different flavoured boilies on the market, using one of the hundreds of different rigs designed for this exact purpose. Other more natural ways to fish for Mirror Carp include float fishing with bait like worms, sweetcorn and bread along with fishing on the surface when the carp are in the upper layers using floating bait like bread crust and dog biscuits.

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