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Siamese Carp Fishing Holidays

Siamese Carp were commonly found in big rivers sweeping their way through Thailand and with recorded weights of up to 660b, they were once classed as the biggest freshwater fish on the planet. It is only in the past years, that these fish have been introduced and stocked on to many freshwater lakes around Thailand. Siamese Carp have thrived in still waters and records are now starting to creep up with recorded fish around 250b. So, if you go armed with the right tackle, these fish are no longer simply a dream.

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Additional Information

The Siamese Carp is a species of Carp like no other, these enormous juggernauts of the freshwater world should be a species on every self-respecting freshwater anglers hit list. These fish grow to a size no other carp can even come close to and with their size comes immense power that will leave the angler feeling battered and bruised but almost definitely wanting more and more. It is safe to say that Siamese Carp fishing can become addictive and once experienced you will never forget the brutal force that these monsters exert.

Name: Siamese Carp
Also known as: Giant barb, Cahoor, Thai Carp
Scientific name: Catlocarpio Siamensis


Siamese Carp are usually seen in large pools along the edges of large rivers, but seasonally enter smaller canals, floodplains, and flooded forests. and swamps. The head is rather large for the body and has very small barbules on its mouth. The Siamese Carp ranks among the largest freshwater fish in the world and is probably the largest fish in the family of carp. These large deep-bodied fish are normally of a silver/grey colouration and have dark edges to their scales making them a fantastic looking species of carp.

Average size

These fish are known to reach sizes in excess of 550lb but the average you will catch in the waters you can visit is 75lb.

Where to catch

The Siamese Carp is a species that is predominantly found in Asia where it was known to inhabit the many rivers and lakes of Cambodia and Thailand. To target them now we would strongly recommend heading to a lake that is stocked with them and where they flourish and grow very large. One such lake is the world-famous Gilhams resort in Thailand.

Fishing methods

The fish in these waters grow very big so the right tackle is needed to tame them, which is available at the resorts. These fish can still be very difficult to catch despite their large size and one of the best ways to target them is the method feeder cast to a tight spot. This will get a bed of bait laid out on the bottom and on your hook we would recommend either a fruit or shellfish based boilie/pop up as this is a proven Siamese carp catching method.



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