Pacu Fly Fishing Holidays

Pacu is one of the most aggressive freshwater species found to be thriving in man made lakes across Thailand and can give you a great fight on the correct tackle. First founded in the rivers of the Amazon and then slowly introduced to waters across the world. The Pacu is a close relative to the Piranha, but with teeth that look uncannily human, the Pacu usually dines on a feast of insects, decaying plants and fruit that fall into the waters. The freshwater lakes in Thailand have produced near record sized Pacu and is the ideal place to catch them.

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7 Tours available

Tour code: BOL004

If you have ever wished to go and experience some of the best Golden Dorado fishing on this planet? These hosted trips are for just 6 people each week, so perfect for single anglers. This is one of the most pristine environments of the world combine the stunning wildlife and amazing fishing this will be a holiday you talk about for a very long time.

   Season to travel: May to October

From: £5,879 per person including flights

Tour code: THA001

Every one has heard of Gillhams fishing resort in Thailand and it is our pleasure to be able to offer you this fantastic destination as a complete package just make your own way to your local airport and we will take care of everything else. So if you are a seasoned angler or a beginner then Gillhams resort in Thailand has it all

  Category: Freshwater Fishing
   Season to travel: All Year

From: £2,122 per person including flights

Tour code: ARG005  

If you have ever wanted to experience fly fishing for Golden Dorado in stunning surroundings, then Pira Lodge is the perfect destination. Explore this huge expanse of creeks, lagoons and rivers from our Hells Bay flats boats, searching for Golden Dorado in the crystal clear water that are eagerly awaiting your fly.

  Category: Freshwater Fly Fishing
   Season to travel: December to March

Save £1,500 OFF the advertised price

Tour code: ARG011

Amazing Golden Dorado fishing just 1 hour away from Buenos Aires. Fish from our boats as you drift down the river casting to structure along the shore edge produces an unbelievable amount of takes from these hard fighting bars of gold. Are you ready for this action packed holiday?

  Category: Freshwater Fly Fishing
   Season to travel: Beginning January to end April

From: £5,064 per person including flights

Tour code: BRZ001  

Peacock Bass is the most incredible game fish in the Amazon basin, it is the fish that has received the most attention. Their remarkable explosive top water strike combined with an astonishing ability to break heavy lines and straighten even stout saltwater hooks, makes them one of the most sought after species in the world.

   Season to travel: September to April


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7 Tours available