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Chum Salmon Fly Fishing Holidays

Chum Salmon has been in recent years vastly underrated, as it is not the best eating of all the Salmon. However, fly fishing anglers have found a new love for these fish. They fight very close to King Salmon and are usually found in similar water. Chum Salmon are very aggressive takers of the fly and have already built up a reputation of smashing fly anglers tackle on a regular basis.

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11 Tours available

Tour code: CAN004

If you are looking for an incredible fly fishing holiday for Steelhead, Salmon or Trout with the comfort of having your own single room with private en suite bathroom our lodge on the banks of the Skeena River is the perfect destination. Our guided Steelhead and Salmon trips offer spectacular fishing for all levels of anglers.

   Season: April to October

From: £4,445 per person including flights

Tour code: ALL030

Rapids Camp sits right on the bank of the famous Naknek River and is just a 15 minute drive from the King Salmon airport. This is the most diverse and flexible lodge in Alaska, where you the customer, decides what to fish for in your itinerary each day. All five species of Salmon plus huge Rainbows makes this lodge very popular.

   Season: June to September

From: £9,078 per person including flights

Tour code: ALL025  

If you are looking for a Fishing Lodge that puts you and the fishing first, then look no further. Goodnews River Lodge is the ONLY full service lodge on the entire river system. Experience the solitude and peaceful beauty of Alaska; it’s just you and the fish. No crowds, no flying to the “best” river. It’s all here on the Goodnews River.

   Season: June to September

From: £7,727 per person including flights

Tour code: ALL040

Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge is the perfect wilderness fishing retreat. Boasting a world-famous run of all five species of Pacific Salmon, plus a host of resident fish, such as Leopard Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char and Grayling. No set itineraries fish with your guides each day for the species of your choice.

   Season: June to September

Save £1,700 Off the advertised Price

Tour code: ALL028  

At Mission Lodge you are never fixed to a set itinerary. Each night the head guide will sit down with you to discuss what you wish to fish for and how, they will then explain all the different options. With over 40 boats stashed within fly distance from the lodge one thing for certain is you will not be short of places to fish.

   Season: June to September

From: £8,981 per person including flights

Tour code: ALL023

Bristol Bay Lodge is a fishing paradise for Salmon fishing, each year 40-50 million Sockeye Salmon enter the waters. If you want to experience this spectacular sport, we have the perfect location for you. Bristol Bay Lodge is strategically placed in the unspoiled and untouched surroundings of Alaska's pristine Wood-Tikchik State Park.

   Season: June to September

SAVE £3,000 per person on selected weeks

Tour code: ALL031

Located on the Kanektok River, only 5.5 miles from its mouth is by all standards a remarkably diverse fishery. Perfectly suited to both single-hand and spey anglers, offering one of Alaska’s best opportunities to catch Salmon where high catch-rates and easy wading is the norm.

   Season: Mid June to September

From: £7,422 per person including flights

Tour code: ALL021  

Kodiak Island’s fishing is done on the Ayakulik River. It is the perfect Alaskan fishing destination to catch Salmon. The sheer numbers and size of the Salmon shock even the most travelled of anglers. Each year the Ayakulik River strong return of King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Sockeye Salmon and Pink Salmon as well as a migration of Steelhead and Arctic Char.

   Season: June to September

From: £5,906 per person including flights

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11 Tours available

Additional Information

Name:  Chum Salmon

Also known as: Dog Salmon, Keta Salmon and Silverbrite Salmon.

Scientific Name: Oncorhynchus keta

Description: This big bruising Salmon is renowned for its dog-like battles on the end of your fly rod. Depending on how long the Salmon have been in fresh water, they range from sporting colours with dog-like teeth through to fresh ocean chrome colours. These Salmon have often been very underrated as a species as they are not the best-eating fish. However, if you were to judge these fish by their fighting capabilities it would be a different story. Pound for pound they fall just under King Salmon for the best fight.

Average Size: The size of fish you expect to catch varies between 12lb to 40lb the actual size of the fish depends on how many years it has spent to sea before deciding to return to spawn and die.

Where to catch: Chum Salmon have the largest natural range of any Pacific Salmon and undergo the longest migrations. Chum Salmon are found in a vast and wide range in the Pacific Ocean, right from the North Pacific Ocean to the Arctic coast of Canada aswell as throughout the northern coastal regions of North America and Asia. In Alaska, some of our favourite areas to catch these fish are  Naknek River, Kanektok River, Agulawok River, Agulukpak River and the Goodnews River. In British Columbia, we love to target these fish on the Frazer River, Kitimat River, and the Skeena River.

Fishing Methods: As Chum Salmon migrate up the river from the ocean, they can be found holding in the softer water of a river’s plentiful gravel bars. The fact that these fish are fished with the same fly set up as you would for King Salmon really is a measure of the impressive strength of these fish. Similar to fishing for Kings, you need to get your flies down to Chum Salmon, quite often they will be sitting just above a group of King Salmon as they are more than happy to run upriver together.

With this in mind, the ideal set up is a 12 to 15ft rod in a 8 -9 #. Chum are true dogs when it comes to the fight.  They are not aerial fish like most of their cousins, they pull like a pit bull and don’t give up.  Reels should have medium to high line capacity and a sturdy drag is a must.  Not only do Chum Salmon blow through rods, but they easily burn through a weak drag system as well.

Chum like to sit in deep fast water, where they can dart away from predators such as bears and eagles. Aa lighter Scandi Head with a floating or intermediate sink tip is good for throwing smaller flies in softer water whilst a Skagit tip with both medium and fast sink tips for the faster water and deeper pools.

If you have any questions on any of the Salmon fly fishing trips we offer then contact us in the office, our fly fishing department will be happy to help you with any queries you have or you can request a free brochure.