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Coho Salmon Fly Fishing Holidays

Coho Salmon or commonly known as Silvers, are from the Pacific Salmon family and these fish are a huge favourite for fly fishermen from all over the world. They tend to run later than the other members of the Pacific family and therefore provide amazing fly fishing sport in the autumn. One big attraction of Coho Salmon is their fighting ability. Imagine a Tarpon and Salmon combined and you have the typical Silver Salmon that spends as much time jumping as it does swimming when hooked.

Goodnews River Lodge | Salmon Fly Fishing | Alaska

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  Category: Freshwater Fly Fishing, Hosted Fishing, Hosted Freshwater Fly Fishing, Hosted Guided Fly Fishing Trips
   Season: April to October
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Additional Information

Name: Coho Salmon

Also known as: Silver Salmon or Silver’s

Scientific Name: Oncorhynchus kisutch

Description: As their common name would suggest when Coho enters the rivers to start their epic breeding migration this fish both males and females tend to be bright silver with dark blue upper backs. The longer these fish spend in fresh water there more they start to change. The fish start to change to a darker colour before turning red. It is when they are in the freshest condition and bright Silver they are considered the best sport. Silvers are an amazing fish to catch on the fly, it’s like crossing a Salmon with a Tarpon for when hooked these fish spend as much time jumping out of the water as they do in it. They twist and turn and give great runs, all in all, they are a great fish to catch for fun.

Average Size: Coho Salmon run in huge shoals and you will find the fish will average between 8lb to 16lb however every now and then these a few fish that have overwintered at sea for an extra year or two and you can find yourself hooked in to fish up to 31lb.

Where to catch: The range of Coho Salmon is huge they can be found on both sides of the Pacific, in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest area of North America as well as on the other side in Japan and Russia. Nearly all rivers will have a run of Coho Salmon, some more than others so it is always good to take advice. Places like Togiak River, Naknek River, Kenai River, Kanektok River, Kvichak River, Ayakulik River, Kasilof River and one of my favourites in Alaska for Coho Salmon the Goodnews River.

In Canada, the main rivers are the Skeena River and all its tributaries, Kitimat River and Fraser River, but there are also many more. One very important point for fishing for Coho Salmon is the date. You need to be at the right river on the right weeks, not all rivers have the peak run in the same weeks, as these fish make their way along the coast once they find their home river they will start to run up it. So those that have further to run along the coast will tend to be later rivers.

Fishing Methods: Coho Salmon are great fish to target with a fly,   normally an 8# fly rod is all that’s needed and you can fish with either single handed or double handed rods subject to your preferred choice and river conditions. There are two methods of fishing with flies.

The first is swinging flies. Cast slight at a downstream angle, let the fly sink and then let the current swing the fly across the river. You can if you also wish to give a few twitches to make the fly look even more enticing. The second method is popping and/ r skating flies across the surface. It is basically the same cast and method, just this time you are using a floating line and flies that create a wake on the surface as the drag across the surface of the water. This is an amazing method to fish and one that is also very exciting, watching Silvers rise up chase your fly again and again before they hit it hard.

If you have any questions about our Salmon Coho fishing trips contact our experienced team who will be able to help with any questions you have. Alternatively, you can request a free brochure.


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