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Sea Trout Fly Fishing Holidays

Sea Trout fishing is hugely popular with fly fishing anglers due to their sheer fighting power. Sea Trout are renowned for their wisely ways and are not the easiest fish to catch, which is what makes them so desirable with fly fishermen. Sea Trout in fact are Brown Trout, that have adapted to life out in the oceans. Like Atlantic Salmon each year adult fish return to freshwater rivers to spawn and it is at these times anglers from around the world target these Sea Trout, as they are in the best condition.

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7 Tours available

Tour code: NOR028

Your host will take you to some of the most famous pools in the river all with a reputation for big Salmon; most of these pools have produced 20 kg fish in their time and still do today.

If you are looking for the fish of a lifetime the Reisa River may be the right place for you, just ask Scott Mackenzie who has caught his last 3 personal best Atlantic Salmon Here.

   Season: July to August

From: £6,691 per person including flights

Tour code: ARG010

If you are a single angler or just looking to travel in a group with like-minded people who all enjoy the art of fly fishing for big wild Sea Trout well this trip is designed just for you. Teaming up with our partners at Solid Adventures we have some exclusive weeks on offer for our very own hosted Sea Trout fishing weeks.

   Season: December to March

From: £7,405 per person including flights

Tour code: ARG006

Since 1994 Villa Maria has offered small groups of just six anglers exciting fishing on some of the most productive pools in the lower river. Big fly fishing rods, heavy sink tips and big pools are the norm. Villa Maria is a double-handed fly fisherman’s dream; enjoying the first crack of the whip at newly arrived Sea Trout as they pass through.

   Season: November to March


Tour code: ARG001

Unbelievable Sea Trout fishing on the Rio Gallegos, where the sheer numbers and size of fish is just outstanding. A trip to Rio Gallegos offers the adventurous angler the opportunity to pit their skills against the explosive Sea Trout of Patagonia. These fish reach 30lbs and will reward you with arm wrenching takes and blistering runs.

   Season: November to March

From: £7,116 per person including flights

Tour code: ARG008

Kau Tapen is located in the heart of the Rio Grande. This is the original fishing lodge and the standard of elegance by which other lodges are measured. Kau Tapen holds 5 world records for Sea Trout up to 35LB and for the last 25 years has provided the best mix of experienced international guides and knowledgeable local river guides.

   Season: November to March

From: £6,155 per person including flights

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7 Tours available