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Jack Crevalle Fly Fishing Holidays

Jack Crevalle, or fondly known as Jacks, can be found in Atlantic waters from Nova Scotia, Canada to Uruguay, including the Gulf of Mexico and occasionally in the West Indies. A voracious predator, it feeds primarily on smaller fish which it often chases onto beaches. In open water, Jack Crevalle will herd baitfish into a tight mass, then rush in from all sides.

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Additional Information

Name: Jack Crevalle

Also known as: Common Jack, Toro, Cavally, Cavalla and Horse Crevalle

Scientific Name: Caranx Hippos

Description: This voracious predator feeds mainly on smaller fishes which it often chases to the shoreline or against sea walls. When they are found in open deeper water the Jacks will surround their pray and force them into a tight ball then rush in from all sides smashing them to pieces.

The Jack Crevalle has a distinctive round black spot on the lower base of its pectoral fin which is not found on any of the other Jacks. Another distinctive mark is the elongated black spot on the operculum. Running down the wrist of the Jacks body is a row of scutes, numbering about 30 and extends in a line to the base of the tail fin.

Average Size: Depending on where you choose to target them, the size of fish varies in different locations. The waters off Florida fishing over wrecks can see Jacks caught in excess of 50lb, but on average the inshore Jacks tend to be around the 10–15lb bracket.

Where to catch: The Jack Crevalle family can be found far and wide from such places as in the western Atlantic Ocean from Novia Scotia, to Uruguay and also very prolific in the Gulf of Mexico. In the eastern Atlantic, they can be found from Portugal to Angola, including the western Mediterranean. Some of our most popular destinations for Jacke Cravalle include GabonPalmas De Cortez BajaCosta Rica and Guinea Bissau.

Fishing Methods: The good thing about this species is that they are very willing to take pretty much anything on offer as long as it’s presented in a natural manner. They are a superb light tackle species and can be targeted by spinning, fly fishing, trolling and casting from the beach. When you are lure/fly fishing the retrieve needs be at a fast pace with no pauses or stops as Jacks tend to lose interest in anything that doesn’t act normally.

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