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Jacks Fishing Holidays

The Jack family is made up of the main species like Amberjack, Roosterfish, Jack Crevalle and the most powerful of them all the mighty Giant Trevally, more commonly known as GT’s. All of our fishing destinations from around the world have all been hand picked. You can see on each destination what species is available and also the peak times to visit each destination. Sportquest Holidays can provide you with unbiased advice on all our destinations that you can fish for any of the Jack family.

Crocodile Bay Resort | Hosted Big Game Fishing | Costa Rica

This is a very exclusive trip based on only a few anglers plus our very own host, Paul Stevens. Paul has been big game fishing all over the world from Africa to Mauritius and has a few billfish under his belt. If you have wanted to go big game fishing but struggled to find other friends to travel with then now is the perfect time to join us... Read more

  Category: Big Game Fishing, Family Fishing, Hosted Fishing, Hosted Hosted Popper, Jig & Big Game Fishing Holidays
   Season: November to April

Ikari House | Hosted Saltwater Fly Fishing Adventures | Christmas Island

Our famous hosted trips to Christmas island have become legendary, they offer you the best saltwater fly fishing along with world class popper, jig fishing. Combine this with light offshore trolling provides one of the most diverse fisheries in the world. A fishing adventure that should not be missed at any cost... Read more

  Category: Big Game Fishing, Hosted Fishing, Popper & Jig Fishing, Saltwater Fly Fishing, Hosted Guided Fly Fishing Trips, Hosted Hosted Popper, Jig & Big Game Fishing Holidays, Hosted Saltwater Fly Fishing
   Season: September to October
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Additional Information

The Jack family are a group of fish that the travelling angler will have encountered at one time or another. These fork tailed little powerhouses will readily smash any lure that is passed in-front of their faces and once they do you will be in for some extreme rod bending action. These fish are both fast and furious and will scream off leave your reel smoking as they try and head back to the depths.

Name: Jack

Also known as: Jack Crevalle, Giant Trevally, Mangrove Jacks, Blue Trevally

Scientific Name: Carangidae



The Jack family are all largely similar in appearance, these deep bodied fish have large forked tails to propel them at a high speed as they chase their prey. The Jacks have big eyes with a large mouth packed full of super sharp teeth.


Average Size of Jacks

Jacks range in size from only a coupe of pounds up to and beyond 100lb in weight, this depends on which region you are fishing and what species you are looking to target.


Where to catch Jacks

Jacks could well be one of the most widespread families of fish in our oceans, nearly every where you fish that has a warm climate you will find a member of the Jack family inhabiting the reefs or flats. Destinations we would suggest to head to for catching Jacks include Mexico (Palmas de cortez) and Costa Rica ( Crocodile Bay and Zacundo lodge).

For the fly angler wishing to catch members of the Jack family on the fly destinations I would suggest include Christmas Island and Mexico (Ascension Bay). For the chance to catch them on poppers and Jig tactics I would suggest heading to either the Andaman Islands or Madagascar.

Fishing Methods for Jacks

The Jacks are hard hitting and aggressive predators and will smash any lure or jig that they lay their eyes on. One way to target Jacks is to troll lures behind a boat over such areas as reefs and drop offs where they will be lurking ready to hit prey.

Another method to fish for them is vertical jigging either speed or slow style near areas that may be holding Jacks, they will also readily snap up a bait either wobbled from a boat or slow trolled. Fly anglers can target jacks on the flats by sight casting to showing fish using patterns that mimic the Jacks prey, this can be a very exciting method of fishing and can account for some very good captures.



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