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Wahoo Big Game Fishing Holidays

Wahoo or also nicknamed the Cheetahs of the sea due to their ability for sheer acceleration from nothing to line melting speed. Wahoo are normally targeted with trolling shallow diving lures at a fast speed behind a big game fishing boat. Takes are amazing as the combination of the boat trolling speed and the Wahoo at attack speed combine to make an explosion signalling the start of an epic fight. We have many destinations where you can experience this kind of action.

Popper & Jig Fishing | Long Reef | Papua New Guinea

Every lure angler across the globe has heard of the phenomenal fishing opportunities that Papua New Guinea (PNG) offers from the amazing surface popper action for huge GT’s, deeper reef edges for patrolling Doggies then you have the awesome colourful Wrasse like no others on the planet, team this with one of the best fishing companies that fish these waters and you will soon find yourself in lure fishing heaven... Read more

  Category: Popper & Jig Fishing
   Season: All Year

Panama Sport Fishing Lodge | Panama

Every sport fisherman has heard of stories of how world-class the fishery is in Panama and it's no wondering when Panama is the home to so many IGFA records of all manner of species and our lodge is right in the thick of it. The Gulf of Chiriquí is a real treasure of Panama and with the likes of world-renowned areas such as Hannibal Bank and Isla Montuosa being the fishing grounds.. Read more

  Category: Big Game Fishing, Fishing Holidays, Popper & Jig Fishing
   Season: All Year

Dogtooth Tuna Fishing | Hosted | Rodrigues Island | Mauritius

Due to the amazing fishing at Rodrigues Island, Sportquest Holidays made the decision to put on their very own hosted Jig fishing trip to the fish packed waters that surround Rodrigues Island in Mauritius. This trip is for the anglers out there who seek adventure and excitement with some pretty extreme fishing for fish that absolutely pull your arms off... Read more

  Category: Big Game Fishing, Fishing Holidays, Hosted Fishing, Popper & Jig Fishing, Hosted Hosted Popper, Jig & Big Game Fishing Holidays
   Season: All Year

Dogtooth Tuna Fishing | Hawkins Bank | Rodrigues | Mauritius

This fishing adventure is like no others out there! Rodrigues Island offers anglers a unique opportunity to fish for some incredible species. The fishing style used is completely down to you as the itinerary can be completely tailored to suit how you wish to fish and the species you wish to target. In addition to this, we some excellent tackle package waiting on board for you to use completely free of charge... Read more

  Category: Big Game Fishing, Popper & Jig Fishing, Hosted Hosted Popper, Jig & Big Game Fishing Holidays
   Season: All Year
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Additional Information

The Wahoo is a favourite fish of many big game anglers. This sleek superfast predator gives the travelling angler an amazing fight once hooked. With its long muscular body and mouth full of razor sharp teeth this is one fish that big game anglers around the travel to such destinations as Madeira and Mexico just to try and do battle with one of these stunning specimens.

Name: Wahoo
Also known as: Hoo
Scientific Name: Acanthocybium solandri


The Wahoo’s body is elongated and covered with small scales, the back is an iridescent blue while the sides are silvery with vertical blue bars.. The Wahoo’s mouth is large, and the teeth of the wahoo are razor sharp. They are some of the fastest fish in the sea.

Average Size

The Wahoo can reach sizes of over 130lb in weight but the average size that is caught are around 15lb in weight.

Where to catch

The Wahoo can be found in many of the worlds tropical oceans, destinations such as Mexico and especially the Baja peninsula, the coast of America and even waters around Madeira in Europe will give the travelling angler the chance to try and catch one of these amazing fish.

Fishing methods

The Wahoo is predominantly targeted by trolling lures behind a boat, this trolling is done at a faster speed than when you normally troll for big game fish. This is because with the Wahoos’s amazing speed the faster troll gets them really into hunting mode and they smash the lures extremely hard ensuring that those hooks set and the fish is on. Lures such as big diving Rapalas and even surface popper are the ideal lures to use.



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